From the people who brought you the iconic White Rabbit Candy ice cream comes the Peanuts Nougat Ice Cream, that tastes exactly like the candy, but in the form of an ice cream (mind blown!). If you grew up eating these creamy, milky, chewy candies, you are going to absolutely not want to miss the ice cream version of them.

Having been well-received through the success from their previous launch of the White Rabbit Ice Cream, the two brands partnered again in creating a new ice cream flavour no stranger to one’s palate. Commonly recognised as a staple for Lunar New Year celebrations, the traditional Peanuts Nougat Candy is mandatory; a sweet treat as well as a vessel for new year blessings from the older generations.

Creamy, rich and not too sweet, this delicious ice cream is a must-try treat for everyone!

Brought down to our fair island by Hao Productions, the only authorised distributor of the Peanuts Nougat Ice Cream in Singapore, this will be available in 63 FairPrice supermarkets and 21 FairPrice Xpress and Cheers convenience stores. You can also purchase it online on Hao Food’s official stores on Shopee or Lazada

Packed in a box with its signature blue and white-chequered design, the ice cream comes in boxes of five sticks, and will retail for $12.50 per box. To celebrate the launch of this new flavour, there will be a promotion for the purchase of any two boxes of the Peanuts Nougat Ice Cream or the White Rabbit Ice Cream at $21.90.