When we were kids, we couldn’t get enough of White Rabbit candy. To us, it was the Pringles of the dessert world, meaning ‘you can’t stop once you pop‘ with many of us running through an entire bag in one sitting, and getting a spanking from our parents for our gluttony and for inviting diabetes.

So obviously when we heard that White rabbit candy was now available as an ice cream, we just had to get our hands on a box. And since we take our job seriously, we even purchased a bag of White Rabbit candy to re-familiarise ourselves with its delicious, milky flavour, so we could do a proper taste comparison between the ice cream and the candy.

Here’s the scoop, the White Rabbit ice cream tastes exactly like the candy. I don’t know how they did it, but the taste, the slightly chewy texture and creamy, delicious milkiness has been replicated in the ice cream and we cannot get enough of it!

First launched in Shanghai last year, the White Rabbit Ice Cream is a collaboration between the Bright Dairy & Food Co. Ltd and Shanghai Guan Sheng Yuan Food Ltd. To ensure the quality and safety of this treat for its consumers, the White Rabbit Ice Cream is crafted in accordance with the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) system at Bright Dairy & Food Co. Ltd, which was also the first company in China to win international accolades for their production processes. 

The official White Rabbit candy is now available as an Ice Cream and is available at 63 NTUC supermarkets and NTUC Online Marketplace across the island. Hao Productions is the only authorised distributor of the ice cream in Singapore and fans of the iconic White Rabbit Creamy Candy will be delighted to find the familiar flavours of the milk candy in the form of an ice cream. 

The White Rabbit ice cream retails for $12 for a box of 5 sticks and we suggest you go down like now and grab yourself a box or two, or three before it sells out!