By Sheila Chiang

I remember wearing a skin foundation for the first time in my life. I was then a secondary student on a tight budget, so drugstore brands were my only option. While these brands offered me a wide range of price-friendly options that were more forgiving on my not-so-full pocket, they did not however offer much coverage or staying power. 

Subsequently, I was introduced to the world of Sephora—the Nars and Laura Merciers—as well as luxury brands like Chanel, when I started earning a salary. Though I haven’t tried many brands, what I have found out over the years of wearing foundation is that while an expensive one doesn’t always mean good, good foundations usually, and can, cost a bomb.

Recently, I had the chance to try out Covermark’s Flawless Fit, a cream-based foundation that claims to achieve a perfect, flawless finish. Covermark is a foundation and skincare brand that hails from Japan, usually synonymous with quality products. Our Japanese favourites Shu Uemura and Shiseido have done a pretty good job with their products. And that sets high expectations for any high-end Japanese makeup brand, right?

Indeed, as it promises, the Flawless Fit (SPF 35 PA+++) glides on like a second skin and covers up blemishes, acne marks, dark eye circles and so on. Essentially, any skin imperfection you want to hide. And just one coat does the job. 

And boy, did my skin glow. It is especially perfect for those days when your skin is looking sallow and dull, as this foundation instantly revitalises even the most sallow complexion, making your skin look refreshed. 

To begin, start by picking up the foundation with the silky textured Flawless Fit Foundation Sponge (mind you, it’s $8 a piece) and dab it on your skin evenly. It contains hydrating ingredients such as ceramides, plant cholesterol and palmitic acid that lock in moisture. It is also infused with six plant extracts—Panax ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, Angelica acutiloba root, and aloe, among others.

Available in 11 shades, the Flawless Fit Foundation refill ($80/8g) is paired with a compact case ($30). And if you want to get the application sponge as well, the whole set will cost you $118—which puts it in a similar price range as Chanel and Dior. Quite a steep price point, no doubt.

As the product is cream-based, the coverage is a tad heavy. While it would not exactly be my everyday foundation, it’s worth the splurge for that special occasion when you just want to look flawless and you can be confident that your Covermark foundation is going to stay put till the end of the night.