By Helen Chiang

When there is a large concentration of melanin in certain areas of the face – due to unprotected sun exposure and ageing – these unevenly dispersed concentrated patches of melanin causes the skin to lose its youthful glow, leaving it looking uneven with pigmentation and freckles.

While we can try to limit external factors like sun exposure and ageing that cause dull and uneven skin tone, it is extremely difficult to control the way our melanin pigments naturally distribute themselves within the skin.

ORBIS White Clear Essence $74, 25ml has a light and non-sticky texture which is easily absorbed into the skin. The formula works in balanced synergy to restore skin to its most ideal state, and help achieve clarity, suppleness, and glow by disperse naturally-occurring melanin clumps while regulating skin turnover.

When melanin pigments are distributed evenly, the skin’s improved turnover allows these dark pigments to be easily purged naturally, leading to fairer, clearer and evenly toned skin, while a Barrier Wrap Formula seals in moisture and restores skin’s barrier function for improved skin texture.

ORBIS Wrinkle White Essence $74, 30g unlike most skincare products that deliver only anti-ageing or brightening benefits, the ORBIS Wrinkle White Essence has been clinically proven to prevent and reduce wrinkles while simultaneously supporting the reduction of pigmentation.

ORBIS Wrinkle White Essence’s 2-in-1 efficacy can be credited to the quasi-drug status given to it by the Japanese government and its medicated ingredient W-Niacin, a derivative of Niacinamide. This means that it is a medical cosmetic – a category of products in Japan classified between cosmetics and medical care and contains ingredients that have proved to be effective in reducing wrinkles and pigmentation.

ORBIS White Clear Essence is available at ORBIS Takashimaya #B2-03A and ORBIS Wrinkle White Essence is available at ORBIS Takashimaya #B2-03A,, Metro Causeway Point (M Beauty), Metro Paragon (M Beauty), Welcia-BHG and selected Tokyu Hands outlets.