By Helen Chiang

With face coverings being mandatory for the foreseeable future, the only thing anyone notices about another person is their eyes, and if you look tired after all the WFH or Netflix bingeing, you are going to need some extra effort to ensure you don’t look older than you are.

I never realised just how important eye makeup was until the pandemic. Before then, it was just nude lipstick and a quick flick of eye liner and I was done. But now, unless I make a serious effort with my eye makeup, I look tired, ill and possibly middle aged, which kind of sucks when you are in your twenties.

I am not a big fan of mascara, simply because the non-waterproof kind leaves me looking like a goth-wannabe and the waterproof versions are almost impossible to get off without stripping off some of my precious lashes. But dejavu’s range of eye makeup promise to be gentler with their formulation that offers the following features:

Buildable Film Adhesion And Easy Removal

The 24-hour smudge-proof and flake-proof film formula intensifies with every application, but miraculously and instantly washes off with just warm water without any remaining stains. This is great for me since I don’t have lush lashes and can’t really afford to lose the little I have every time I remove my makeup.

Serum Enriched Formulation

The moisturising serum enriched formula found in both the eye liner and mascara promises to protect and condition the lash cuticle to keep lashes more supple and resistant to breakage and dropping.

dejavu Lasting Fine Cream Pencil $19 which comes in four colours – Black, Navy, Mauve Brown, and Dark Brown, has an ultrafine 0.65mm oval cross-section tip that can create thick or thin stable strokes, allowing you to define different types of makeup looks depending how you feel through ultra-thin to bold striking lines. dejavu has also created a special loose pigment formula that makes an effortless glide without needing much pressure. 

dejavu Lash Up $20 is an ultra-thin 1.5mm 2 triangle brush that evenly coats all the ”lashes in tight areas” such as the corners of the eyes and the lower lashes. Its “smooth fit film” – a highly adhesive liquid that thoroughly coats even thin, short lashes means that it is able to accentuate even those itty bitty invisible lashes.

This wallet-friendly Japanese eyeliner and mascara brand with scientifically advanced formulas is available at Amazon online and the following physical retail stores – Guardian, Watsons, Pink Beauty, Welcia-BHG, Don Don Donki, Nishino Pharmacy and Tokyu Hands.