Let me start off by saying that up until about seven years ago, I had perfectly straight, cavity-free teeth. Then as I grew older, the incisor on my lower jaw started to shift ever so slowly. The dentist I went to gave me the wrong advice and I have now reached a point where my tooth is completely misaligned, messing up my bite and completely ruining my smile.

While I desperately wanted to fix the issue, I did not want to be saddled with metal braces for a year or longer and Invisilign was way above the budget of a writer, so I had to accept the fact that I was stuck with my snaggle tooth for the rest of my life. And then one day, like a sign from above, I came across SmileDirectClub and everything changed.

The first step was to schedule an appointment at the SmileShop followed by a visit to Nuffield Dental for a full mouth 3D scan and an in-person consultation with the Singaporean registered dentist.

On Wednesday this week (that means yesterday), I will have switched to my second tray. Because my snaggle tooth is not too complicated, my smile journey is only going to take four months instead of six, with me having to switch to a new tray every week. So far, the trays have been quite comfortable and completely invisible. I don’t have any lisping issues and my only complaint is that because I have to take them out every time I eat, I have stretched them a bit, causing certain parts to chaff the inside of my mouth. The discomfort is minimal and all in all, I am very happy with them.

The box also comes with a whitening kit, which I use every night, so as my teeth straighten, they will also whiten for the perfect selfie-ready smile!

Each SmileDirectClub aligner is custom-made from BPA-free plastic thermoformed onto personalized 3D- printed mouth moulds. Each treatment plan is on average between four-six months. and the aligners are shipped in an “all in one” blurple box directly to your door. The box contains your entire treatment plan, a wonderful lip balm that tastes of vanilla ice cream, and very easy to follow instructions.

SmileDirectClub aligner therapy is available for a flat rate of $2,500, or through its SmilePayTM option of a $350 deposit and $115 per month for 24 months. I will be posting the final results in four months, so don’t forget to subscribe to the magazine to stay up to date on my smile journey!