To me, Japanese skin care is all about painstaking research to create a product that delivers. While I have not used many Japanese products to call myself an expert, those that I have tried, have not disappointed.

Since last week, I tried and tested three products from ORBIS, to see if they delivered what they promised and here are my thoughts:

ORBIS Wrinkle White Essence, $74 for 30g

Unlike most skincare products that deliver only anti-ageing or brightening benefits, this is clinically proven to prevent and reduce both wrinkles and pigmentation at the same time.

ORBIS Wrinkle White Essence’s efficacy can be credited to the quasi-drug status given to it by the Japanese government. This means that it is a “medical cosmetic” – a category of products in Japan classified between cosmetics and medical care – and contains ingredients that have been proven to be effective.

The Science Behind It

The miracle ingredient in the Wrinkle White Essence is W-Niacin, a derivative of niacinamide which belongs to the Vitamin B family. W-Niacin works by boosting collagen production, which plumps skin and reduces wrinkles.

It also prevents melanin from transferring to the surface of your skin and reduces melanin build-up, preventing and lightening pigmentation. In addition, rosemary extract binds collagen together for firmer skin, while safflower extract ensures that skin cells do not store excess melanin, resulting in a brighter and more even skin tone.

Final Verdict

The product is a pleasure to use and to be fair, it is hard to judge its effectiveness by simply glancing at my face in the mirror, although I must admit that my crows-feet do look less visible.

Because I don’t have any visible brown spots (yet) Once the lockdown is lifted, I will get my face analysed using VISIA which will be able to look deep into my skin cells to see if there is improvement in the pigmentation that lies beneath the surface.

Would I buy this product? If there is an improvement in my VISIA analysis then yes. I like it, my skin likes it and I do see results after a week of testing it out.

Do I think you should get it? The answer is yes. If you have wrinkles and pigmentation, this is something you should most definitely try, especially since it is clinically proven. Plus with one tube sold every minute in Japan, it obviously must be delivering results.

ORBIS Defencera, $54 for 30 x 1.5g sachets

Japan’s first and only FOSHU-certified oral skincare, the ORBIS DEFENCERA took 10 years of research and development before it was launched in the market. FOSHU stands for “Food for Specified Health Uses” and is the only official system used in Japan to recognise food efficacy and safety and is comparable to the US FDA. 

ORBIS DEFENCERA is neither a supplement nor an external moisturiser, but an oral skincare that offers a more convenient way for caring for our skin.

It was such a hit with consumers that 80,000 boxes flew off the shelves in its first month in Japan, and the product sold out thrice in Singapore during its launch.

The Science Behind It

The key ingredient in ORBIS DEFENCERA is DF-Ceramide, an extremely rare and high-purity ceramide. In fact, only one to two grams of DF-Ceramide can be extracted from one tonne of brown rice.

What It Does

DF-Ceramide creates a three-step moisturising barrier for the skin. First, it strengthens the outer layer, preventing moisture from escaping. Next, it fills in the gaps between the cells on the skin’s surface. Finally, it fills in the gaps between the cells in the epidermis. One sachet a day gives you smooth, supple skin all over the body for up to 24 hours.

Final Verdict

When I first received this product to trial, I had to admit that I was skeptical, but after the first sachet, I was hooked. This is most definitely something that I will be purchasing and including in my daily skin care regimen, simply because it works.

I have really dry, dehydrated and eczema prone skin. Anything and everything can set me off on an itching frenzy. But after just one delicious sachet, the scaly skin on my thighs healed.

An added selling point is the fact that this is so delicious I have to force myself to stop at just one sachet. It’s like a cool burst of yuzu in your mouth. Not too sweet, but with just the right amount of sweetness and zest to make your taste buds do a happy dance.

ORBIS U Lotion, $45 for 180ml

Having won 36 awards (and counting) in Japan within just three months of its launch, the ORBIS U Lotion features the brand’s latest innovative ingredient, the Key Porin Booster, which is said to transform the way your skin is hydrated.

The Science Behind It

Created by POLA Chemical Industries in Japan – the same laboratory that pioneered the world’s first cosmetic application of Hyaluronic Acid in the 1980s – which is also the hero ingredient is the Key Porin Booster, it works by enhancing the efficacy of the skin’s aquaporins, which are proteins along the cell membrane that serve as water channels.

What It Does

The Key Porin Booster is a powerful blend of three plant- based active ingredients: Eelgrass Extract, Peach Leaf Extract and Cornflower Extract, which work synergistically to help skin restore its radiance, elasticity and moisture levels.

This miracle ingredient dramatically activates and multiplies hydration channels, boosting moisture content not just within cells, but across skin layers. Dehydrated cells are revitalised and every skin layer is plumped up with moisture, effectively reversing dryness, dullness, lack of firmness and other signs of ageing and damage.

Final Verdict

I really love this product to the point where I will be purchasing it when I am done. It has absolutely no scent and the texture is slightly thicker than your usual toner, but upon application, it melts into your skin, making open pores less visible and skin plumper and bouncy.

If like me you have sensitive, dry or dehydrated skin, you need this as a part of your skin care routine. Trust me.

ORBIS Wrinkle White Essence, ORBIS DEFENCERA and ORBIS U are available at Orbis online, ORBIS Takashimaya S.C., Robinsons Raffles City, Metro Causeway Point (M Beauty), Welcia-BHG and selected Tokyu Hands outlets.