By Aimee L

I hate having to wear a face mask all the time. I know it’s for my own safety, which is why I do wear it (also to avoid being fined) but I hate how my face sweats under the mask and my skin feels so itchy and irritated all the time. The only plus side to having to wear a mask is that no one complains about my RBF.

When EHA Skincare launched their new MASKNE-BE-GONE skin care set, I knew that I had to get my hands on it and try it out. The whole idea behind this limited edition set, is that it is made up of their top selling products that will keep our skin healthy and breakout-free.

I switched my usual skin care products to those in the MASKNE-BE-GONE set. Every morning and evening I washed my face with the EHA Hydra pH cleansing gel. An unbalanced pH level can trigger an acne outbreak, so keeping the skin’s pH levels in good form is the first step to healthy skin. The cleanser is lightly scented and very gentle. It does not lather up much, but it cleans deeply without stripping the skin and leaving it feeling tight. This is one of the best cleansers that I have used to date.

The next step was to spray my face and neck with EHA Mistique and pat it into my skin. Enriched with water from the famous hot springs of Izumo Yumura in Japan, Mistique is packed with ceramides and Citrus Junos fruit extract for its barrier protecting and healing properties, Sodium Hyaluronate and glycerin for its moisturising properties, Ubiquinone and Tocopherol for its anti-oxidant properties and Japonica Bark extract for its ability to protect collagen and act as an anti-inflammatory all while firming and moisturising the skin. This special toner keeps skin cool, soothed and protected, making it a must-have during this time.

There is a reason why EHA Skincare’s Hydra serum was voted as one of the Top 5 serums in 2018. I applied this all over my face and neck. The product is unscented and so lightweight, it just melts into my skin, leaving no sticky residue, but forms an invisible barrier to keep moisture trapped within, so that your skin stays hydrated for longer.   

The next step was the EHA Moisturising gel. In our sweltering climate, sometimes it’s just near impossible to put on moisturiser. If you are like me and hate feeling something greasy and icky on your face, you are going to love this moisturiser. It has a unique gel-cream texture that I have never come across before, and upon application it just dissolves into the skin.

The final step is the brand’s (and our editor’s) cult favourite, their EHA Sunshield 24hr. Most people don’t realise that sunscreen needs to be reapplied every two to four hours as its efficacy halves, but knowing this fact, I still don’t reapply my sunscreen. If I am going to be totally honest, on most days, I simply skip sunscreen altogether (yes I know it’s bad, I get nagged at all the time by my colleagues).

With an SPF100, this lightly tinted, semi-matte sunscreen is the most comfortable sunscreen I have ever used, like ever! It feels like nothing is on my face and my skin just looks so much smoother and flawless and no reapplication is required. It also keeps the skin feeling cooler and makes wearing a mask so much less suffocating. The brand recommends using this in place of a BB cream or foundation and I can totally do that. Although the coverage is very sheer, my skin never looked better, and it was so lightweight I didn’t mind applying it every morning.

Would I recommend the MASKNE-BE-GONE set by EHA Skincare? I would say yes! After a week of testing it out under my mask, my skin feels and looks great. I haven’t had any breakouts and I love how the products feel on my skin.

The EHA Skincare MASKNE-BE-GONE set will only be available at the special price of $384 (UP $480) until the end of July and can be purchased online.