By: Angelica Bottaro

Getting a vulva piercing can be a huge power move. For one, they’re mysterious, and who doesn’t love a good mystery? Secondly, they are known to be quite painful, and it takes a special kind of person to endure pain for the chance of extra pleasure. And lastly, they are simply a lesser-chosen type of piercing, which gives them an in-crowd appeal. 

It also helps that the simple act of getting a vulva piercing is the equivalent of passing the line at one of the hottest clubs in town. They’re exclusive, and you can’t just walk into any old place and drop your pants to get the job done.

As someone who has only one hole in each of her ears and serious anxiety around needles of any kind, a vulva piercing isn’t something that’s going to be a part of my life anytime soon. But for those that are brazen enough to bling out their downstairs, there are some things I can tell you that might help make the decision to get it done that much easier.  

Types Of Vulva Piercings

Getting your vulva pierced isn’t like other areas of the body where options are limited. There are quite a few selections that you can mull over when making your decision to join the pierced-vulva club. Some are straightforward, while others will only work on a select few for anatomical reasons. However you’re built, there’s a vulva piercing that’s right for you.

Vertical Clitoral Hood 

This type of vulva piercing travels through the fine tissue that’s located above the clitoris, which makes it the most feasible option for people of all shapes, builds, and sizes. It rests touching the clitoris, so it can make for some fun if it’s being, you know, stimulated.

Horizontal Clitoral Hood

Only those with a specific type of anatomy can get this exclusive piercing. It’s placed horizontally on top of the clitoral hood with the clitoral glans exposed. The piercer doing the job needs to be able to pinch the hood tissue in such a way that they can avoid grasping onto the shaft, so not everyone is built for the Horizontal Hood.

Princess Diana/The Duke

This vulva piercing is similar to the Vertical Hood in where it’s located except that it’s a bit off to the side. This type of piercing is often done as a two-for in the sense that many people who opt for the Princess Di get one piercing on both sides of the clitoral hood.

Clitoral Glans 

This piercing is a little tricky and is a true clitoris piercing, unlike the others. The piercing goes directly through the clit and is best for those that have clitorises on the larger side and smaller hoods.

The Triangle

This vulva piercing is located just below the clitoral shaft where the hood tissue meets the mon pubis. It’s great for those wanting it to look and feel great. It hits nerves that run from the clitoris through the body and can add some serious sensation when the area is stimulated.

Reasons People Opt For Vulva Piercings

Aside from adding a little bling to your thing, getting a vulva piercing can be a good option for some people for a couple of reasons. First, they can enhance sexual pleasure. For some people, the piercing has even been able to take them from never or rarely being able to have an orgasm to no longer having that problem. Like, at all. 

Getting a combo pack of two piercings, specifically the Vertical Hood and the Triangle, can create a little stimulation sandwich for your downstairs that really pays off. Those with vulva piercings can more easily achieve multiple orgasms than those sans-piercing. Not all of the vulva piercings are going to take your sex life up a notch, though, so if that’s your main reason for getting it done, you should speak to your piercer prior to making the decision.

Prettying up your downstairs with some jewellery can also have an effect on how you perceive or experience sexual pleasure. This could be especially important for those who have suffered sexual assault as it can help to reframe the way they look at sex and how it feels, essentially helping them overcome trauma. Getting a vulva piercing can also be a powerful way to enhance human sexuality outside of the bedroom when it comes to gender identity, sexual orientation, and emotional satisfaction.

Self-expression on any level can help a person embrace and fall more in love with themselves. So, whether you’re in support of or against the piercings, there’s no arguing when it comes to the benefits some people experience from taking the leap and joining the pierced-vulva club. 

At least now you can make a more informed decision, right?