By Cee Cee Goh

Taking care of yourself is one of the most important things you can do for your mental, physical and spiritual health. But for many of us, the concept of personal wellness is lost amidst work, kids, household chores and deadlines. 

Thankfully, self-care does not have to be as time-consuming as we think. Small, simple indulgences like at-home pampering sessions can lead to surprisingly big changes in the way we look and feel. 

Known for creating indulgent and multi-sensorial bath experiences, the LUX Luminique haircare range is one way to introduce self-care into your daily routine. Its new Botanical Cleanse series avoids harsh chemicals such as silicon, paraben and artificial colourants, and uses 97% natural ingredients in its formula.

Kaolin Clay – Star Ingredient in the Botanical Cleanse series

Clay has been used for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes since ancient times. This super absorbent mineral is not only rich in nutrients, but has also been proven to remove excess oil and detoxify skin and hair.

The gentlest among all clays, Kaolin Clay does not irritate and is suitable for use on even the most sensitive skin. It gently removes any grease from the scalp without over-drying it, leaving your hair with lots of texture and added fullness.

The LUX Luminique Botanical Cleanse series comes in two variants – the Herbs Cleanse and Floral Cleanse

Ladies with mixed hair conditions, rejoice! Formulated with rosemary and water mint extract, Herb Cleanse cleans the scalp deeply while nourishing the hair in one single step, making it ideal for those with oily scalp but dry ends.

The shampoo has a thick, creamy lather which felt luxurious and unlike many cleansing shampoos I’ve tried. LUX Luminique Herb Cleanse does not leave my hair too “squeaky clean”, which usually leads to a tangled-up mess. Instead, my hair felt smooth and supple after a shower. 

The relaxing fragrance is also perfect to help you wind down after a long day at work.

Specially formulated for those with a sensitive scalp and frizzy hair, Floral Cleanse is infused with lavender and jasmine extract to deeply moisturize and provide additional softness to your hair.

Added bonus is its uplifting and energizing floral scent that makes me feel ready to conquer the world!

A Complete Range for All Hair and Scalp Concerns

In addition to the Botanical Cleanse series, LUX Luminique also boasts an extensive range of haircare products to address every hair and scalp concern.

The LUX Luminique Botanical Cleanse series is now available at all Guardian and Watson stores for $16.90 each (450ml), and will be available at RedMart and all NTUC Fairprice outlets from September 2019 onwards.