For those of you new to the brand, Senka is a subsidiary of the Shiseido Group and their products are formulated around the Japanese concept of “Suppin Skin”, a belief that everyone is beautiful in their natural skin.

Translating that belief into skin care, Senka started out by providing a range of highly effective cleansing products that catered to a wide range of skincare needs.

Their Perfect Whip facial cleansers and their A.L.L. Clear Oil and Sheets made them the No. 1 facial cleanser brand for 10 consecutive years in Japan. 

Recently, the brand came up with two new facial sheet masks and a full skincare range developed using Shiseido’s expertise. Common across all four product categories, from makeup removers, cleansers, facial masks, and skincare – are Senka’s signature ingredients of Double Hyaluronic Acid and White Silk Cocoon Essence. 

Interestingly, Shiseido is the first in the market to mass-manufacture its own hyaluronic acid through the natural process of fermentation, producing Hyaluronic Acid of a greater purity that meets higher safety standards.

The two types of Hyaluronic Acid achieve a high moisturising action by penetrating deep into the skin layers to hydrate and enhance skin softness. The naturally derived White Silk Cocoon Essence is obtained by adding hydrolysed silk taken from the centre of the cocoon fibre to the conventional white cocoon ingredient sericin, providing double the cocoon power.

Together, both ingredients help to lock in moisture content for longer-lasting hydration, leaving skin more radiant and resilient and soft and supple to the touch. 

It All Starts With Clean Skin

Senka just introduced their new Perfect Whip Acne Care $7.90, the first cleanser in the market infused with Kyoto Chamomile Extract, an anti-bacterial and antioxidant ingredient that helps skin to heal and prevents further damage.

It also contains salicylic acid to deeply cleanse and unclog pores of dirt, oil, dead skin cells and makeup, improving congestion and preventing acne from worsening.

All six of Senka’s Perfect Whip facial cleansers contain White Silk Cocoon Essence, Double Hyaluronic Acid, and the moisture-boosting Aqua-In-Pool formulation which strengthens skin against day-to-day damage.

Catering to every skin concern, these cleansers easily whip up into a dense foam that contains extremely fine cleansing particles to remove impurities more thoroughly. You can read more about Senka’s Perfect Whip Cleaner here.

For Brighter More Luminous Skin

Get brighter and more moisturised skin with the Junpaku Senka White Beauty collection, which provides skin with hydration and radiance. Featuring Shiseido’s NATU-ENCE FormulationTM that combines Science with Nature to deliver the nutrients deep into the skin layers.

From this range, we are loving the Senka White Beauty Glow Creams, $19.90 for 50g. This comes in two dermatologically tested enriching formulations: Gel Cream and UV Cream SPF 25 PA++ for the lightening of dark spots and skin radiance. The texture is super light and leaves the skin looking matte, clean and hydrated all day!

We also love the Senka White Beauty Serum, $21.90 for 35g, which reduces dark spots, brightens the complexion and improves skin translucency in just seven days. It also provides intense moisture for radiant and hydrated skin.


Joining Senka’s facial mask range are two new Perfect Aqua Bouncy Masks with their own unique “bouncy” formulations. This expands the mask category to a total of six highly efficacious solutions for different skin care needs. Find out more about Senka’s range of sheet masks here.

We highly recommend these sheet masks. Not only do they provide the results promised, they also fit the contours of the face perfectly, unlike a lot of other masks in the market.

Senka Perfect Aqua Bouncy Mask (Bouncy Bright), $2.00 for 1 sheet / $13.90 for 7 sheets (box) Features the new Senka Uruoi Bouncy Formula comprises of deeply nourishing and hydrating Royal Jelly Extract, brightening Fuji Sakura Essence and Senka’s signature ingredients of Double Hyaluronic Acid and White Silk Cocoon Essence for instantly bright and bouncy skin that glows from within.

Senka Perfect Aqua Bouncy Mask (Bouncy Bright) will be available in September exclusively at Watsons. 

Senka Perfect Aqua Bouncy Mask (Bouncy Moist), $2.00 for 1 sheet / $13.90 for 7 sheets (box) Features the new Senka Uruoi Bouncy Formula comprising of deeply nourishing and hydrating Royal Jelly Extract, skin-firming CoEnzyme Q10, as well as Senka’s signature ingredients of Double Hyaluronic Acid and White Silk Cocoon Essence. 

Senka Perfect Aqua Bouncy Mask (Bouncy Moist) will be available from September 2019 onwards exclusively at Guardian. 

Senka products are available at Watsons, Guardian, FairPrice, Welcia-BHG, Metro, Don Don Donki, and online at Lazada, Qoo10, and Shopee.