I have been on the look out for an anti-ageing night serum with a gentle formula that does not irritate my sensitive skin for what seems like forever. Thankfully, Sigi Skin’s new night serum Youth Beam is suitable for all skin types, and the answer to my skincare prayers. 

This vegan serum is so gentle that people with acne-prone skin, ultra-sensitive skin and even pregnant women can all use it safely without risking irritation. Due to its gentle formula, it can also be used while traveling, as it caters to the changing needs of the skin, which is great news for frequent travellers worrying about increased skin sensitivity while the skin adapts to climatic changes.

I also like the fact that it is not watery like similar products, but has a rich gel-serum texture. I found it to be easily absorbed without leaving any sticky after-feel. The trick is not to be too greedy, and use it sparingly. I usually use one pump for the entire face and would only use an additional pump if skin felt dryer than usual. I also use it for the skin on my neck and décolletage area to prevent sagging and wrinkles. I am also quite lazy and often use it as a sleeping mask, ever happy to skip the rest of my nighttime skincare regime.

To be honest, the change was subtle and gradual so I didn’t see a big difference initially. However, after around two weeks of consistent use, I could definitely feel the difference when I washed my face in the morning. A friend whom I have not met for a while also made my day by noticing the change and complimented that my skin looked good and there was a nice glow to it.

The hero ingredient in the serum is the unique blend of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics. In-vitro culture techniques show that after 24 hours of application, the skin’s good bacteria increased by 156%, creating ideal conditions for healthy microbiomes to thrive in. Youth Beam is also packed with antioxidants that help to hydrate skin and prevent premature ageing.

It is also packed with other beneficial ingredients like the ginger root extracts, pine bark extracts and reishi mushrooms (also known as Ling Zhi). The Hyaluronic acid used in the formula, is of an optimal size of 130 kDa that can effectively penetrate the skin. 

All the active ingredients in Youth Beam work in synergy to lighten pigmentation, minimise signs of ageing, reduce inflammation and strengthen skin barrier so skin stays firm, plump and hydrated.

Do I think it’s worth buying? The answer is yes. Sigi Skin Youth Beam Night Serum retails at $99 and is available exclusively online