Net bags are versatile enough to take you from a quick pop down to the grocery store, to the workplace, so it’s no surprise that it’s become the popular go to for Summer. You can literally style it with everything from floral printed sundresses to tailored suits and heels, which will explain why it’s having quite the moment on social media.

Appearing out of thin air this summer on TikTok and Instagram, this low-key trend has officially been dubbed the fashionista approved way to carry groceries and other odds and ends.

Net bags are quite literally bags made from, a net. But they don’t all look the same. This season’s iterations come in a variety of beautiful colours, thicknesses and designs, keeping all your valuables even the small bits and bobs safely ensconced.

When it comes to styling them, treat your net bag as you would your normal daytime tote. Many come in neutral colour-ways like black, cream, or brown, so you should have no difficulty pairing them with any outfit.