I have always preferred lip oils over lip glosses. While I do appreciate the added pop of colour of a gloss, which ensures I don’t resemble a walking corpse, I do hate the stickiness that comes with it, as well as the overt shininess that makes me look like I didn’t clean my lips after tucking into a particularly oily lunch.

I am a long term fan of Clarins products and treatments, so obviously I had to get my hands on the new and improved lip oils, to see if they were as good as they claimed to be. The new revamped Lip Comfort Oils smell like sweet fruity candy, but is completely flavourless. It also has a lovely rich texture that is lightweight and not in the least sticky. When applied, it forms a thin protective veil, coating the lips in a soft blush of colour. The lip-hugging applicator is so soft, like a plump little fingertip, that places just the right amount of product on your lips.

What I love about these lip oils, is that 93% of ingredients come from natural origins. The product is enriched with 30% trio of oils – organic jojoba, hazelnut and sweetbriar rose oil – ensuring that lips are kept hydrated, nourished, soft and soothed. The remaining 7% helps guarantee the perfect glossy 3D volumizing shine for a flawless look.

With eight gorgeous shades, all inspired by nature to choose from, the lip oil also contains a special pigment (found only in shades 03 / 04 / 05 / 08 / 10) that adjusts to the pH of your lips revealing their natural shade. I actually got 03 and 04, both of which adjust perfectly to the pH of my lips, and I can attest that the colours are absolutely beautiful. They add shine, but not too much, and 04 (Pitaya) was inspired by the lovely pop of pink of the Dragon Fruit, and has the subtlest of colour, and is perfect for everyday wear.

The Lip Comfort Oil retails for $40, and is available both online and in stores.