We recently renovated our apartment, which included fitting both bathrooms with fancy-shmancy rain shower-heads, for the ultimate shower experience. And this dear reader is precisely why I cannot believe that I replaced my current hand shower with the new ReFa FINE BUBBLE S SHOWER HEAD, but here’s why I have no regrets.

The fine bubble mist setting on the shower-head has seriously upped my shower-game, my skin and therefore my life! Without sounding overly dramatic, let me tell you why I love it so much, and why I think you would too. To start off, this is Singapore’s first gentle cleansing shower head, featuring innovative Japanese Double Cavitation Technology that leverages ultra-fine bubbles and micro-bubbles to gently penetrate deep into the skin’s surface to remove impurities and hydrate the skin while you shower. 

Why I Think This Shower Head Is Magic

Designed with skin care in mind, ReFa’s FINE BUBBLE S shower head works to supplement your beauty routine. Certified by the Fine Bubble Industries Association, its proprietary Japanese Fine Bubble Technology creates a hydrophobic interaction between the ultra-fine bubbles and micro-bubbles to gently remove impurities from the skin and unclog pores, without causing the skin any undue stress. 

Simultaneously, the bubbles help to further hydrate your skin, increasing the water content of the outer skin layer by up to 36% immediately after use. With up to 68 million ultra-fine and micro-bubbles gently embracing the skin, the body is also able to stay warm for a longer period of time than it does after an ordinary bath, this is because the bubbles stick to the skin’s surface, delicately stimulating it to improve overall blood circulation for healthier, more radiant skin. 

Combine bath time and beauty time by placing the FINE BUBBLE S shower head in your bath tub to enjoy a silky-smooth bubble bath – creating your personal luxurious spa experience from the comfort of your home. Sadly I was not able to experience this, as we skipped the bathtub, for an extra-large shower area.

It Comes With Four Spray Settings

I have always loved shower time, but my goodness this new shower head has seriously upped my shower-time happiness-meter, and here is why:

Mist: this setting, which I am obsessed with, and use each time I shower, is perfect for any sensitive areas of your skin (I use it everywhere, especially on my face). This extremely powerful, but ultra-fine mist-like spray gently cleanses the skin to avoid irritation, and seems to have miraculously improved my complexion.

It’s so gentle, its even suitable for babies and fur-kids, although my fur children find the sound it makes a little too loud for their liking.

Jet: this setting offers comfortable water pressure on the skin and scalp, and is suitable for a refreshing shower with the added boost of improved blood circulation.

Rain: this setting offers you a gentle shower that envelops you from head to toe, and is the perfect setting for a therapeutic shower after a long day.

Powerful Rain: this setting offers a more powerful, massaging shower, that my fur-kids seem to prefer, and the Powerful Rain spray pattern offers an invigorating shower experience by rinsing off more of your skin at one go.

The ReFa FINE BUBBLE S shower head is so easy to install. I simply unscrewed my old hand shower-head, and popped on the ReFa head, and that’s that. It’s completely idiot-proof!

The ReFa FINE BUBBLE S shower head is now available at ReFa online, at Shopee and Lazada, and retails at $399.