By Dorcas Lee

Now that dine-ins are back in full force, I have been making up for lost time by going back to Singapore’s many restaurants. Recently, I found myself craving some quick grub, so imagine my excitement when a new pasta kiosk opened in JCube.

Singapore is no stranger to pasta eateries, and PastaGo is the newest trattoria serving up delectable fresh-made pastas. And the best part is it’s to go! The brand aspires to reinvent Italian dining, by preserving its culinary elements while adding a touch of the Singapore spirit – dabao-ing their meals. Now, foodies don’t have to compromise on cost, quality or taste to satisfy their cravings. PastaGo’s eclectic takeaway kiosk is found right in the heartlands, just like our chicken rice stalls, and more to come.

Located in JCube’s basement amidst its many takeaway kiosks, PastaGo offers four different types of noodles including Pappardelle and a ribbon shaped Malfade, made completely from scratch in-house. Feeling pretty hungry already, I got three of their main menu signatures. 

First things first, don’t be fooled by the compact takeaway boxes. PastaGo is generous with their portions, coupled with the density of their noodles and toppings, three plates were more than enough for us both. 

Starting with a classic Aglio E Olio with Seared Prawns ($5.90), this is a personal must-have for me in any pasta spot. Don’t forget to give it a good mix before digging in, the olive oil and seasonings coated the flat noodles and there was a lavish serving of prawns. One stark difference between store bought and freshly made pasta is the texture – fresh made has a velvety texture, and is much thicker than boxed ones you find in the store. And no, it’s not ‘al dente’,  which is a term commonly used when describing pasta. While al dente pasta is usually firmer and has a bit of resistance when you bite into it, their pasta is chewy and tender, much like a local favourite ban mian. Furthermore, it takes half the time to cook, which is one of the selling points when you’re starving and taking your food to go.

Their Carbonara options are as authentic as it gets – no cream, just egg and cheese, the Italian way. Get it with Smoked Duck ($9.40) for a more premium PastaGo experience. The sauces come separate so you don’t go home to a soggy mess, which is one of the details I liked about this bright pasta kiosk. The wavy Malfade noodles were just perfect for holding the creamy carbonara sauce, just another perk of fresh made pasta. Paired with the tender smoked duck, the saltiness got to me a few bites in, so I’d recommend mixing in the sauces bit by bit to avoid the flavour hit.

Cheese lovers, rejoice! This little pasta kiosk has plenty of cheese options that isn’t just carbonara. While their Carbonara has a creamier, cheese taste, their Salmon Al Limone ($10.90) was a velvety delight, with a butter, lemon and cheese base and cut with tobiko. This moreish pasta, I was told, was best with a sous vide egg at an additional dollar. And this was a dollar well spent.

At PastaGo, there’s no running out of options. Using just four pasta shapes, their customisable menu has an endless list of combinations ranging from Italian classics like Beef Bolognese to more decadent dishes like Smoked Duck Carbonara. Elevate your meal with any one of the eight additional toppings if you’re feeling extra hungry and you’re good to go.