As women, we need to constantly remind ourselves that self-care is a necessity, and not an indulgence. This is often forgotten during the transition to motherhood for many women. 78% of women often put their families before themselves and the proportion of working wives in the local workforce has increased to 60% in 2020.

With the addition of psychological stressors of mum guilt and silent workplace discrimination against mothers, 51% of moms in Singapore have admitted to finding it stressful to cope and not having enough time to look after their physical, mental and emotional well-being. With such elusive me-time, it is no wonder many tend to overlook self-care. The reality is that time is a luxury to the busy modern mom and what they truly need is a multifunctional handy self-care routine. 

Enter meeth, a luxury skincare brand whose approach to skincare is grounded in gentle, skin-nourishing ingredients and the endlessly potent abilities of Japanese technology. Recognizing the busy lifestyles of working mothers, meeth has developed a mighty skin oil that can be used on the face, hair, body, and nails for a boost of beautifying nutrients. Infused with a relaxing fragrance and compacting four possible products into one, the multifunctional meeth & Skin Oil is a super-mum’s best friend throughout her day.

meeth & Skin Oil is powerful yet gentle enough for sensitive skin – packed with nourishing nutrients like jojoba oil, avocado oil, and squalene.  As a hydration powerhouse that fortifies and protects the skin’s moisture barrier while helping you achieve and maintain a radiant, healthy glow, it is perfect for those looking for skin firmness, natural radiance, and a moisturizing experience for the entire body.

Infused with a relaxing scent, this is the ultimate body oil in Singapore to naturally nourish your face, hair, body, and nails. With the benefits of multiple products all compacted into one, moms can stay on top of their commitments while still enjoying the benefits of an on-the-go skincare product from head to toe.

meeth’s ethos is a timely reminder for all mothers to put themselves first and to focus on their own self-care.