It embarrasses me to admit that this was my first experience with the brand, so when I received the invitation for the opening of their first experiential store, I was curious to learn more, and I am so glad that I did. For those not in the know, Love, Bonito is a local fashion brand that carries a beautiful range of well crafted pieces in both trendy and classic designs, at a very affordable price point.

Love,Bonito’s first local experiential outlet at 313@somerset, promises an elevated shopping experience. You can expect larger, revamped fitting rooms, expanded payment counters and many other improvements that have been designed to make your shopping experience a pleasure.

The refreshed store boasts a modular retail concept, which incorporates mobile and reusable modular features that can enable creative and flexible design concepts. This includes modular display tables and a revamped community and education space that can be easily converted for other retail, event or installation purposes. 

The revamped store has also introduced a truly lovely collection of clothes for every stage of a woman’s life. From her first job, to pregnancy, motherhood, nursing and beyond. Fuelled by their commitment to create thoughtful designs that cater to every stage of a woman’s life, Love, Bonito has launched their Embrace collection to coincide with the opening of their first experiential store.

This exciting new collection takes into account the needs of newly pregnant to nursing women, and includes fashionable, comfortable and flattering pieces that will take the wearer from routine medical check-ups to nesting errands.

These maternity essentials are designed with practicality in mind, and are made with ultra-soft and breathable natural fabrics, to combat unexpected hot flushes due to changing hormone levels, as well as maternity-specific details to accommodate belly growth, and nursing friendly details for breastfeeding mums.

Love, Bonito’s new Embrace collection is a must-have for every expecting mother, with its adaptable silhouettes and nursing-friendly details which increases the longevity of each outfit. Plus it doesn’t hurt that the pieces are all stylish and flattering, while still being practical and comfortable.

Love, Bonito’s Embrace collection which is priced from $39.90 – $59.90 is available in-store and online.