This year’s limited edition Namiki Yukari Fountain Pen with only 300 pieces available worldwide, places the spotlight on the beautiful Ginkgo. Illuminating the enthralling season of autumn with its brilliant gold leaves, ginkgo trees form an unmistakable piece of the landscape of Japan and are most often seen in Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples.

Ginkgo trees are known to survive for more than 1,000 years, making them auspicious symbols of longevity. As their leaves are fan-shaped, Ginkgo trees also carry the meaning of increasing prosperity. Over the years, it’s exquisite and magnificently elegant pattern has made it highly desirable in kimono designs and family crests.

As testament to the ideals of craftsmanship that form the brand, no detail is overlooked in the creation of the design on the pen barrels. Gold dust is sprinkled all over the pen, and the artwork is then carefully finished using the Togidashi (burnished) polishing technique. Meticulously painted Ginkgo leaves are delicately depicted on the cap and barrel through the hira (flat) Maki-e and Kakiwari (a lacquerware technique used to apply gold dust without lacquer to the parts that represent boundary lines, as exemplified by the veins of leaves) techniques.

The Namiki Yukari Ginkgo Fountain Pen is presented in a wooden gift box that comes complete with a bottle of ink, and will be available in limited quantities at Namiki dealers in Singapore from the 15 April 2022.