Show us one person who doesn’t want bouncy, supple and healthy looking skin, and we will show you a zombie! Every non-zombie wants skin that looks plump and juicy and youthful. Inspired by the bounciness of Japanese peaches (“momo”), Momopuri set out to create a skincare line that would allow skin to emulate the moisturised plumpness of ripe, juicy peaches.

Meaning soft and juicy in Japanese, “puri puri” is a complimentary term for rosy peach-plump complexions! A much-loved symbol of Spring, peace, and happiness, peaches are also the fruity equivalent of how we hope our skin will appear: plump, plush, bouncy and velvety-soft to the touch.   

This is why Japanese skincare brand Momopuri is formulated around this fruit. Literally meaning peach-soft in Japanese, Momopuri doesn’t just design its packaging around the peach but also features Peach Ceramides in its entire line, to help skin assimilate the smooth resilience of a perfectly formed fruit. 

Momopuri has everything you need for a complete skincare routine,  from a gel wash to lotion to jelly moisturiser and jelly masks. Think lush freshly-pressed juices and bouncy jellies satiating skin’s thirst for hydration and nutrients.

Momopuri’s products are formulated with Vitamins A, C, and E, Bergamot Fruit Extract and Hyaluronic Acid to tighten and hydrate the skin leaving the skin plump, supple and firm with a deliciously lightly scented peach fragrance.

The range consists of the Momopuri Moist Cleansing Wash, $11.90 for 150g, Momopuri Lotion, $14.90 for 200ml, Momopuri Jelly Mask, $11.90 for 4 sheets and Momopuri Gel Cream, $18.90 for 80ml.

The latest addition to the line is the Momopuri Beauty Essence, $16.90 for 35gm. Among all Momopuri products, this essence contains the highest concentration of Peach Ceramides and Lactobacillus Paste to strengthen skin’s natural moisture barrier. It instantly preps skin to receive the benefits of subsequent skincare and helps skin look plump and peachy.

The two main active ingredients found in all the products are Peach Ceramides which repairs the skin’s moisture barrier and helps prevent transepidermal water loss and reduce the skin’s sensitivity to environmental stressors, and Lactobacillus Paste which contains probiotics that optimises the skin’s microbiome to maintain skin health and soothe the skin by reducing the amount of bad bacteria and inflammation. 

Momopuri is available at Guardian, Don Don Donki, Welcia-BHG stores, and online at Guardian and Mandom Official Store on Lazada and Shopee.