Solyph, a newly launched brand on the popular beauty e-commerce platform, Asian Beauty X, is a holistic skincare brand that combines traditional techniques with advanced technology to provide a sustainable everyday beauty solution for different groups of active individuals from all walks of life.

Mindfully formulated to complement an active lifestyle, Solyph was founded in 2018 by Jeon Heeseok who was determined to create clean and vegan skincare that allows her to embrace her skin, without having to sacrifice her active lifestyle.

This skin care line that has been formulated for active people, by active people, focuses on hydrating, restoring and protecting skin from normal everyday life and the rigours of active living. This includes everything from the sun, heat and sweating to natural changes in the skin as a result of ageing.

With a strict ‘no nasties’ policy, Solyph takes pride in working with only the finest and highest-quality natural ingredients to ensure that they deliver visible skin benefits. By curating skincare ingredients that work for all skin types, Solyph is gender-neutral. It has a refreshing pine scent that is neither feminine nor masculine, and is also considerate about its environmental impact. This means that all its products are vegan and cruelty-free, and all its ingredients are sustainably sourced.

Pine Leaf Extract

At the heart of Solyph is its single hero ingredient, Pine Leaf Extract. Harvested in PyeongChang (평창군), South Korea – pine leaves flourish under peak natural conditions and are traditionally distilled by steaming the leaves with pure mountain water. The extract is then blended with other active ingredients to create mindful natural formulas that are clinically effective.

Unlike pine leaves found in other parts of the world, the pine leaves sustainably harvested from PyeongChang are high in Phytoncides and are particularly rich in antioxidants, antibacterial qualities and possess many rejuvenating properties.

Pine leaves are also high in HMF, an organic compound that prevents the excessive production of melanin caused by UV rays and hence provides natural protection against the sun’s rays, making Solyph’s products suitable for those with active lifestyles or for those who spend prolonged periods under the sun.

The Essential Active Collection

ABX carries the full range of Solyph’s collection that features six skincare staples that can perform individually or as a complete skincare routine. All the products have been packaged so that they are compact and travel-friendly, making them perfect for travel or when you are on the go. Here are three of their top selling products for you to consider including into your skin care regimen.

The Take Off Smooth, Cleanser Phytonicide-enriched Cleansing Water is a new generation of deep cleansing water enriched with distilled Pine Leaf extract that is gentle yet effective in clearing impurities off your skin effortlessly to leave it clean, smooth and radiant.

This lightweight yet creamy moisturiser hydrates and locks in moisture and protects your skin against environmental stressors, the Ready Set Glow, Moisturiser Multi-action Moisture Balance, has an airy finish that makes it the perfect day cream and also as an aromatic overnight sleeping mask and therapeutic eye cream. That’s three products in one!

This mineral-based, physical sunscreen, Face The Wild, Sun Cream SPF 5has a light airy texture that glides smoothly over the skin. The water and sweat-resistant formula is non-irritating to the eyes (have you had sweaty sunscreen drip into your eyes? trust us when we say that it burns!), making this sunscreen ideal for use all the time, especially during sports and when you know that you are going to get hot and sweaty. 

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