In Eastern philosophy, the energy of sky and earth is called ‘Yul‘ and ‘Ryo‘. ‘Yul’ also means ‘Yang‘ and ‘outer nature‘, while ‘Ryo‘ also means ‘Yin‘ and ‘inner nature‘. RYO is a Korean hair care brand that is well known for its expertise in hair fall.
The brand believes that a full head of shiny hair is a basic requirement for beauty, as much as a flawless complexion is, and the foundation for beautiful hair is a healthy scalp.

To nourish both the scalp and hair, RYO hair care products combine nine active ingredients in the Ginsen9EX™ technology in their Hair Loss Expert Care range.

At the RYO Scalp Bio Lab, a team of scientists specialising in hair loss have conducted in-depth research to relieve hair loss symptoms, develop new ingredients and improve the sensorial in-shower experience of their products. The result of their extensive research is the new Hair Loss Expert Care range by RYO Scalp Bio Lab.

The new collection is fortified with five naturally-derived anti-hair loss ingredients found in Korean Traditional Herbal Medicine such as ginseng, caffeine, green tea, Thujae Semen, Scutellaria Baicalensis and Glycyrrhiza Uralensis Fisher.
These active ingredients are combined with their Ginsen9EX™ technology that works to address nine kinds of scalp and hair concerns with nine potent ingredients, including whole ginseng.

The new collection smells amazing, and comprises of three basic steps for a healthier scalp and hair, and one special optional pre-shampoo step to deeply detox the scalp.

The Pre-Shampoo:
RYO Hair Loss Expert Care Scalp Scaling Cleanser, $26.90 for 145ml

A Specialised Shampoo Based On Scalp Type: RYO Hair Loss Expert Care Shampoo – Oily Scalp/Weak Hair/Sensitive Scalp/Anti-Dandruff/Dry Scalp, $19.90 for 400ml

A Nourishing Treatment For Scalp And Hair:
RYO Hair Loss Expert Care Treatment (Root Strength), $12.90 for 200ml

A Leave-On Scalp Treatment:
RYO Hair Loss Expert Care Scalp Massage Essence, $26.90 for 80mlRYO Hair Loss Expert Care Scalp Cooling Tonic, $26.90 for 145ml

RYO products are available at Guardian, NTUC Fairprice, Unity and Watsons, and RYO Official Stores at LazMall and Shopee Mall.