When I found out that my favourite bespoke Parisian haute perfumery house Maison 21G had added a new and very exciting product to its perfume creation line-up – their first ever Scent Discovery Set, I just had to get my hands on it.

When I visited their new outlet at Ion Orchard recently, I was mesmerised and even overwhelmed by the vast array of scent options that they offered. Therefore the chance of being able to try out even 34 of their core scents in the comfort of my bed was super appealing.

I wanted to be able to daub-on and explore those exotic and heady scents, mixing, matching and wearing them on my bare skin to see how long they lasted, and how they smelled when they dried down.

The experimental scent box contains the company’s 34 core scents in miniature format, making it ideal if you are exploring perfume creation for the first time and want to discover your signature scent at home.

The set contains 34x 2ml mini dropper bottles with the pairable Maison 21G eaux de parfum and is available to customers at its stores in Duxton Road, ION Orchard, BHG Bugis Junction and online on its webstore.

The box lid contains useful information on each individual scent, such as the scent family, a short profile description and the classification of top, heart and bottom notes, which helps as you self-navigate through the different scents. I found that I absolutely loved how Havana Harvest smelled on my skin as it dried down, and I find that the box helped me discover scents that I wouldn’t have normally tried out.

I chose to drop the various scents directly onto my skin so I could get a better idea of how well they worked with my natural oils, but you can always use the blotters provided and then start to blend the scents together and build something unique, or simply stick to any of the single scents from the dropper bottles, the choice is yours.

The Scent Discovery Set retails for $190, is available for worldwide shipping and can be ordered here. Each box comes with a 21% discount code which enables you to order a full size bottle of your favourite concoction.