“The word Clean is a not-so-new label and a topic of never-ending discussion. Most commonly we hear the word used in the context of ‘Clean Food’ or ‘Clean Beauty’ and yet it is impossible to separate fragrance from beauty care.” – Johanna Monange

Since most of the products we use, for our face, hair or body are scented in one way or another, the concept of ‘Clean Beauty’ has extended to ‘Clean Fragrance’ and I think it’s about time for people to understand the importance of knowing what they are spraying or applying onto their skin on a daily basis.

What Exactly Does ‘Clean’ Mean?

‘Clean’ is merely an industrial label with no hard and fast technical standards or regulatory guidelines constituting it, and yet it is very powerful. The very term can inspire consumer trust and give the impression of quality and transparency.

In recent years, consumers have become more conscious of the consequences of their actions and have started to look for brands that embody their beliefs for sustainability and transparency. This has resulted in more brands and companies jumping onto the green bandwagon, expanding the definition of wellness and health and ushering in a new clean era with promises of “no nasties”.

Most beauty companies use a collection of pretty adjectives to “greenwash” their products and appeal to their consumers, but how many of them are truly green and transparent?

Embracing Clean And Green Luxury At Maison 21G

For Johanna Monange, the CEO of Maison 21G, product ‘clean-ness’ and ‘transparency’ are key components of the brand’s values. On their website, consumers can access the percentage of natural ingredients contained in their fragrance, the concentration of their perfume (21%), and whether the perfume is vegan or not.

She has also banned the use of phthalates, GMOs, CMRs (substances that are carcinogenic, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction), and preservatives. Because of this, when you are at Maison 21G, you are completely aware of what you are spraying onto your skin.

The brand goes further to indicate the value of percentage of biodegradability, along with the percentage of renewable carbon of each perfume formula.

Here’s Why Green Luxury Should Be The New Norm

As consumers, the more opulent the packaging of the products we purchase, the more we are apt to spend on it. But we fail to consider the impact of the said packaging on the planet.

I appreciate the fact that Maison 21G , have developed re-usable packaging and offer perfume refills in-store, so once you are done with your perfume, simply bring your bottle back, and concoct your next fragrance with zero wastage.

The New Boutique At Ion Orchard

The newly opened boutique at Ion is an Aladdin’s cave for perfume lovers, with row upon row of scents and perfumed essential oils. But unlike most high-end boutiques, Maison 21G welcomes you with open arms, like a long lost friend, bidding you to enter, discover and explore at your leisure.

Along with offering personalised perfume creation and its ready-to go products such as miniature roll-ons and solid perfumes, the Maison 21G boutique will also feature a station to host their perfume making workshops.

This was my first experience, physically sniffing different scents, mixing, matching and combining ingredients until I created my very own bespoke perfume. The experience was truly one of a kind, and I would recommend it for a girl’s night out, a hen party or as a fun way for couples to get to know each others tastes better. The workshop prices start at $120 per person and include one fully personalised perfume creation.

The shop will feature the company’s blending technology La Source which enables customers to mix their very own eau de parfum in just 30 seconds.

The recently launched perfume essence Poetic Pear will join the existing line-up of 33 compatible essences on offer in the boutique.

Maison 21G ION Orchard Boutique is located at ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, #B2-48, Singapore 238801 and is a must-visit for all perfume lovers out there!