There are intrinsic and extrinsic causes of ageing. The intrinsic ones are those that you can’t control, like the passage of time and your genetics. The extrinsic ones are the ones you can control, like certain lifestyle habits that can have a direct impact on your skin.

While most of us are aware that unprotected sun exposure is a huge cause of ageing, there are other, seemingly innocent daily habits and activities that could be making your skin look older. Here are 5 common skin ageing mistakes or habits you need to remove from your life, pronto!

Too Much Screen Time

With W.F.H, we have become even more connected to our gadgets than before, and this is not a good thing. The high-energy visible light, AKA HEV, or the blue light that’s emitted from electronic screens can penetrate even deeper into the skin than the sun’s UV rays, leading to collagen breakdown and pigmentation.

Along with limiting screen time, using a protective antioxidant serum or sunscreen and setting your phone to night mode can help. If you tend to look down at your device a lot, the skin around the neck and jawline can become saggy and etched with horizontal lines, so to avoid this, work on your posture and invest in a good neck cream!

Forceful Makeup Removal And Cleansing

While it is important to keep your skin clean, how you clean it and take off your makeup is also important. The skin around your eyes is very delicate, so do not pull or tug at it as this can further the development of lines and wrinkles.

Cleanse away makeup and sunscreen using a gentle micellar water or milky makeup remover before you wash your face. Wash your face using warm or tepid water (not hot) and gentle pat dry with a face tissue or face towel and follow immediately with your skin care routine. Your skin is most receptive to skin care products when it is slightly damp or fresh out of a shower.

Watch Your Sugar Intake

Sugar induces major inflammation throughout your body, the skin included. This inflammation leads to an early breakdown of collagen, and ultimately the appearance of wrinkles and aged skin.

Sugar triggers a process known as glycation and the production of advanced glycation end products known as AGEs. These form when proteins or lipids are exposed to high levels of sugar in the blood that the immune system doesn’t recognise, resulting in inflammation, which in turn has an ageing effect on all of your cells.

Incidental SunExposure

Bet you didn’t know that sun exposure over a life time can add up. All those quick trips to the grocery store, balcony or garden you made without sunscreen adds up and causes damage. To counteract all of this incidental, unexpected exposure is to get in the habit of applying sunscreen every morning, irrespective or whether you plan to spend the day indoors watching Netflix or Youtube.

Pursing Your Lips

Repeatedly pursing your lips can cause permanent-lines. The easiest way to avoid this is to stop using a straw when you drink. But if you purse your lips involuntarily, you may want to consider a neuromodulator injection to relax the muscle and prevent those vertical lines from forming.