While most of us wouldn’t think twice about applying serum, moisturiser and sunscreen to our face, we tend to neglect our neck. But the skin on the neck and décolletage is very thin and sensitive and prone to ageing and wrinkling, because it has far less sebaceous glands and lipids to protect it from environmental factors that can speed up the ageing process. 

The dermis on our neck and décolletage is very thin. When you don’t have a thick dermis, there isn’t as much collagen in the skin. In fact the skin on our neck skin is about as delicate as the skin on our eyelids. So the first step in preventing premature ageing of this oft neglected area, would be to find a good neck cream. Products applied to your neck should focus on firming and lifting. A good neck cream is filled with hard working active ingredients that have been specifically formulated to keep the skin moisturised, protected and toned. The second step would be to always apply sunscreen to this area, as your neck and décolletage are more at risk of UV damage as it has fewer melanocyte cells.

Having road tested several neck products, here are the five that we feel deserve to be featured as the best neck care items currently available in the market:

neck creams

Lierac Liftissime Redensifying Gel-Cream for Neck And Décolleté. This beautifully scented, lightweight gel-cream helps to tighten, smoothen and plump the skin on the neck and décolleté upon application. Rich in restructuring lipids, it helps strengthen and support the skin, lessening the look of wrinkles and lines.

BelleWave Neck Lifting Cream. This product which is specially formulated with Nobel Prize-winning research on telomeres, provides rich nourishment and intense hydration to help fortify the skin’s structure, while restoring it’s firmness and elasticity. Upon application it leaves the skin around the jawline, neck and décolleté more supple, smoother and youthful.

Maria Galland Firming Neck Cream 90. This intensive smoothing neck cream is specially tailored to the specific needs of the skin on the neck and décolleté. Its active ingredients, encapsulated in the brand’s signature rich texture, leaves skin beautifully scented, supple and deeply moisturised. Added anti-ageing lipo-peptides slow down the effects of skin ageing and increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Nu Skin ageLOC® Tru Face Essence Duet. Especially formulated for the neck and décolleté, this dual chamber system combines two powerful formulas that are mixed only when the pump is depressed. With a lightweight and silky texture, the product helps to limit the loss of elasticity to promote contouring and visibly lift and soften the skin. Using optical technology, it diffuses light to instantly leave skin looking more radiant, while promoting cell turnover to improve texture when used long term.

SOTHYS Perfect Shape Youth Serum. Although thicker than the rest of the serums under the Youth Range, this silky serum (which can also be used on the face) has an enveloping texture that lifts, redefines and protects the facial contours, and smoothes the décolleté. Added peptides help to boost collagen synthesis and when used long term, is said to lift and restore texture and tone.