By Aimee L

I never thought my hair was a frizzy mess until I was at a hair trial a while back, and the stylist held up my hair and announced to everyone present that I had dry and frizzy hair. I still cringe at the memory.

With our scorching weather, frizzy hair is quite common. Other factors like dry air, overly hot styling tools and pollution can also leave hair feeling dry, brittle and damaged. Getting your hair the hydration it requires, and then locking it in, are two very different things and are both crucial to keep your hair in peak condition.

The new MarcAnthony True Professional® Maximum Moisture Hydra Lock™ collection is formulated with Beet Root Extract and Olive Fruit Oil, which is able to infuse the hair with much needed hydration, Silk Amino Acids and Hydrolyzed Quinoa which strengthens and protects the hair and locks in the hydration, to keep hair looking softer, shinier and healthier.

The collection includes Maximum Moisture Hydra Lock™ Moisture Recharge Shampoo and Conditioner, Instant Moisture Recharge Hair Mist and the Moisture Recharge Conditioning Treatment.

Maximum Moisture Hydra LockTM Moisture Recharge Shampoo And Conditioner $17.90

The whole range smells really fresh and clean and nice! This range is great for hair that needs a good burst of hydration. Micro-pearls filled with Jojoba Oil gives your hair an explosion of moisture with each wash. Coupled with Quinoa Protein, it brings protection and locked in moisture, leaving hair soft and supple. An ideal pair for frequent hot-tools users. And if you have fine hair like me, this lightweight formula will not weigh your locks down.

Maximum Moisture Hydra LockTM Instant Moisture Recharge Hair Mist $18.90

This multipurpose product gives hair an ultra-fine mist of re-hydration whenever you need it. It is formulated with Silk Protein to instantly penetrate hair, while Quinoa Protein locks in moisture and all-day shine.

You know how some cheap-ass sprays leave your hair soaked? Well this doesn’t. The spray’s actuator has been specially designed to create the softest, lightest micro-mist for consistent, even and lightweight distribution. Similar to a face mist, use it anywhere, any time, to recharge your hair with moisture.

Maximum Moisture Hydra Shots $4.90

This is perfect for those times when you only have five minutes to spare but need your hair to look super. Jam-packed with nourishing and hydrating ingredients like Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil and Quinoa Protein, the mask hydrates dry hair from within the cuticle and invisibly protect the hair.

􏰞 The new MarcAnthony True Professional® Maximum Moisture Hydra Lock™ collection is available at all Watsons stores and online.