I have been a fan of Jyunka since they launched their M+ serum, which hands down is the best vitamin C serum that I have used. Another favourite from the brand is their Ageless Eyes eye cream that I am obssessed with, not so much as an eye cream, but for its lash lengthening and strengthening qualities.

So when the brand launched their first night cream, I obviously got excited and rushed out to get my hands on a jar!

The reason skin care is most effective at night is because our skin absorbs and replenishes itself while we slumber. Adopting a night time skin care routine that focuses on repair and hydration will make it more durable during the day, and reduce the damaging effects of environmental aggressors and stress.

Sleep Repair is Jyunka’s first night cream, and I wanted to see if it was all that it promised to be. For a period of one week, I tried and tested it out, following the instructions to the letter, and here are my thoughts:

Luxurious Ingredients

JYUNKA Sleep Repair promises to transform your skin as you sleep. Infused with a medly of luxurious ingredients that include rare truffle extract, pearl powder, caviar extract, SMART Active complex, hyaluronic acid and swiss glacier water, it promises to brighten, reduce discolouration, tighten, firm, hydrate and provide key nutrients that are essential for skin regeneration.

Final Verdict

The cream is simple to use. A pump or two for your face and the same for your neck and decollete is all you need. It has a subtle and pleasant scent and the texture is a cross between a silky cream and gel. While rich, it absorbs almost instantly into the skin, and does not leave a greasy after feel (although it does feel slightly tacky, should you touch it).

I have tried the product for almost a week and I use it over the Jyunka Ultra Peptide Lifting Serum and I find that I wake up to brighter and fresher looking skin. My skin is also not dry and dehydrated the next morning (like it usually is) and instead, feels and looks more plump and hydrated.

To test the cream’s promised brightening and hydration properties, I also avoided using any masks or treatment products (like lactic or glycolic acid serums) during this time.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with my skin, I am very prone to breakouts and my skin is highly sensitive to lots of ingredients, but to date, I have had no negative reaction to the Sleep Repair.

If like me you suffer from insomnia, or have a lousy lifestyle, you will totally benefit from this as it makes your skin look like you not only slept a full eight hours, but you also consume lots of vitamin rich, fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.

JYUNKA Sleep Repair retails for $290 and can be found here.