The skin around our eye area is the thinnest on our body, which is why it is the first place to shows the signs of ageing. From repetitive blinking, rubbing, UV exposure, external stressors, and lifestyle choices, our eye area is constantly working, without a break 24/7.

If you are concerned about the state of your eye area, then read on. We recently Tried & Tested The Remescar Eye Night Repair cream and here’s what we think.

The Remescar Eye Night Repair is an eye contour cream that is applied every night. It is a complete treatment that helps to reduce the effects of ageing by nourishing, hydrating and re-tightening the skin by providing oxygen and hydration through Remescar’s exclusive i-Rep technology.

It claims to be able to lift up sagging eyelids, reduces the appearance of eye bags, dark circles, and crow’s feet.

The texture of this eye cream is unlike anything we have tried before (and we have used more brands of eye cream than we can even remember). It very lightweight and is absorbed instantly into the skin upon contact, leaving no residue whatsoever behind. Its been less than a week since we tried it, yet we can already see that the skin around the eye area is looking more supple and hydrated.

Remescar Eye Night Repair is formulated with approved European cosmetic ingredients, is non-toxic and is suitable for all skin types, and even sensitive eyes. It is however not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women and it is strictly not tested on animals.  

Remescar Eye Night Repair is available at Guardian Pharmacy, Watsons, Unity, HealthScoop, Redmart, SASA, Watsons Online and Guardian Online for $56 / 20ml.