The Thermomix TM6 launch last month was held at Restaurant Ibid and the man behind it is none other than lawyer-turned-chef and first winner of the inaugural MasterChef Asia, Woo Wai Leong.

All six dishes presented during the launch had a Thermomix “magic” touch to it. Dishes include Xi’an Spiced Lamb, Ibid Roast Duck, Lotus Cod en Papillote, Japanese Oyster Omelette, etc.

For those unfamiliar with Thermomix, it is a multi-function food processor. Previous models had a whooping 12 functions such as milling, mixing, blending, weighing, cooking, steaming, emulsifying, kneading, precise heating, stirring, chopping, grating etc, replacing up to 20 devices in the kitchen!

Needless to say, bidding farewell to clutter in the kitchen is one of the biggest draws of owning one of these. Besides the 12 functions mentioned above, the upgraded model TM6 has many additional cool features too.

Instead of becoming outdated, the food processor actually gets better over time, with new software which will be constantly “fed” to it via the new in-built WIFI feature. Slow cooking function, Sous Vide Function, New high temperature settings allow for browning and caramelising of sugar, onions, meats or fish. Fermentation mode on the other hand allows user to make kimchi and yoghurt with ease. Upgraded self-cleaning feature makes cleaning less of a chore and users can now access Cookidoo directly on the screen of the new TM6, which contains over 50,000 recipes! No additional devices needed.

My verdict? While the new Thermomix is no doubt impressive and dummy-proof, but as Wai Leong puts it, it isn’t going miraculously turn a person with zero cooking skills into a prodigy overnight. But having said that, the highlighted features are indeed handy to have around the kitchen and is sure to make cooking less of a hassle.

If all fails, there are also cooking/training demonstrations held by Thermomix and youtube to fall back on. So for those with a keen interest in cooking and/or cook everyday, it will be easy to get lots of mileage out of this kitchen gadget and justifying the rather hefty price tag. The other plus point is, being able to do a  “Marie Kondo” and free-up countertop space in the kitchen after getting the Thermomix TM6!

You can pre-order your Thermomix TM6 now at the special price of $2320 (U.P. $2520) if you want to receive it before Christmas! Order yours online at here.