By Julia Homilius

With summer in full swing and autumn knocking at the door, we have gone in search of the hottest summer fashion trends to help you soak up the last of this glorious season.

You are cordially invited to break the rules when it comes to this season’s hottest trends: unleash your wild side, have a little summer fun, and be the best dressed!

Curves And Animal Instincts

Is your spirit animal a wild jungle cat? Great! Because this season loud leopard print is all the rage. Coming in a wide variety of bright colours, this trend promises to bring life to your wardrobe. Lifestyle and Trend Fashionistas cannot get enough of this fun-filled pattern. Choose your designs in bold and bright colours.

Wear it in a jumpsuit, pants, on your bags, coats, dresses, even suits. This super playful and sexy trend allows you to show off your feminine curves while keeping your best-dressed status. Unleash your inner jungle cat with this year’s curvey leopard trend you pretty lady. When it comes to print this season, you have the permission to unleash your inner cat and have zero concern about what comes with it. 

Micro Bags 

Is there something missing in your outfit today? Throw in a micro-mini bag and you’re all set to hit the streets with elegance. These bags are not only attention magnets, but these super cute bags have taken over the fashion world and are full-on statement accessories.

Although the trend started in 2018, we still cannot get enough of the micro-bucket, tiny clutch, the tiny tote bag, and belt bags. Mini handbags come in many forms, fresh designs and colours with zip-opening or clip-opening styles. You will want to carry these cute accessories with you all the time. Everyone loves them right now: celebrities, models, fashion bloggers and Instagrammers.

While some designers take this trend to the next level: Brandon Maxwell and Burberry shrank the handbag into an accessory no bigger than your palm. These micro-miniature handbags hold nothing more than probably a few coins or a couple of breath mints. While highly impractical, these tiny purses are a highlight for special occasions. Appearance won out over practicality and it is tempting to own a tonne of these.

A Throwback To The 90s – The Bucket Hat 

It’s time to bring back the bucket hat. From Sex and the City to Britney Spears, almost everyone who was anyone, had one in the 90s. Originally designed as durable sun protection for fishermen, it’s a hat you might remember from when Nirvana and Oasis were at the top of the charts. It’s hard to believe that trendsetters and fashion gurus forgot about them for so long, considering they never really went out of style for toddlers. But now with the approval of all luxury brands and fashion week designers, bucket hats are big, once again. 

Designs vary from crochet hats to luxury leather hats. Find the right bucket hat for your style, from Gucci to Prada or less costly versions, there is a bucket hat for everyone and at any price point. Whether you’re looking for a cool accessory or adding some class to your summer outfit, the bucket hat is back in style to keep you protected, not just from sun!

Bitten Lips

The bitten lip originates from South Korea. The bitten lip colour trend is when a natural dose of colour is applied in a way that it fades towards the edges of your lips–as though they have been kissed or as its name suggests, bitten.

This wildly feminine way of wearing your make-up gives your lips a soft but still impactful touch of colour. You can use a Q-tip to blur the edges to achieve the recently kissed (and bitten) effect. From a shiny rose coloured lip to orangey-red, or a matte-magenta, trending this summer, look irresistible with freshly kissed lips.

Touristy Accessories are in Style

Tourism turns trendy this summer, with brands like Gabriela Hearst and Erdem and Burberry debuting accessories that are practical à la mode. Models can be found donning stylish yet sensible lanyard bags during this summer’s fashion shows. They are useful and allow you to carry your necessities, particularly handy for your next concert visit.

If you’re looking for something a little more unique, why not take a look at the stow leather tech case? It’s a fully personalisable piece of kit. You can choose from hand-painted art to an embossed replica of your own handwriting. The case packs a gold volt chain that will keep your belongings secure, so you don’t accidentally drop those all-important sunglasses while you’re on your travels. A stylish accessory offering security? That’s a winner for us. 

So, there’s the end of our selection. This summer really is packing heat, bringing the past to the forefront once more, trend to tourism, and panache to your seasonal wardrobe. Big changes have come in 2019, promoting the wild and worldly prints that bring out your inner cat and new accessory safety standards being set across the fashion industry. So, what are you waiting for? Let loose your animal instincts, pick up these hottest fashion trends, and be the queen of the jungle that is life.