By Steven Brooks

Slam the door shut, fasten your seatbelt and get that engine revving, we’re about to take you around the world. 

This wonderful spinning ball that we call home is a labyrinth of luscious landscapes and resplendent cultural portraits of civilisation. Vast plains of land offer solitude, while simultaneously planting comfort in the heart and soul of travellers.

Lush jungle terrain welcomes adventurers with a tannoy of animal tantrums and regular rainstorms that nourish the majestic kaleidoscope of colour.

Dotted ambiguously across the globe are the playgrounds of party animals and workaholics; a symphony of sirens, buzzing gadgets, and chatty commuters. Combine all of this together and it’s fair to say that Earth is quite a spectacle. 

So pop yourself in the driver’s seat and be ready to hit the road as we explore five places that you must visit now, before they’re gone!

This Is Gonna Drive You Around The Bend

Despite oceanic anomalies like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the mainstream media passing each other like ships in the night, some things like human carelessness and global warming cannot be hidden. Since the industrial revolution, the Earth has gradually sacrificed its daisy-fresh demeanour and has adopted a more cancerous, radio-active undertone. Industrial outskirts of major cities resemble smoke machines and the inner-city gridlock adds to this gaseous gastronomy. Fossil fuels are sucked from the Earth with such determination, it makes taking candy from a baby look difficult. 

Nonetheless, you would think these invaluable natural resources would be handled with a little more care. Oil spills in practically every body of water give Mother Nature one more reason to get up on the wrong side of the bed! The result? A retaliation of global warming that threatens some of the most beautiful habitats and cultural masterpieces on this homo sapien sphere. 

There’s clearly a fork in the road, but while we are each trying to do our part for Mother Earth, the bigwigs are in the driving seat. For now, we just want you to embrace some of the world’s most glorious embellishments before they are gone. Missing the boat on this occasion could limit your possibilities next time you have itchy feet. So without further ado, let’s get you off the beaten track!

Rennel Island

Let’s dive in at the deep end and mention something that happened here in February 2019. With the assistance of a powerful cyclone, a cargo ship was violently nudged into the rocks of Rennell Island.

This Solomon Sea paradise is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is frequently visited by ocean tankers and fierce weather. On any normal day, this island is a picture of heaven and features on the bucket list of many curious travellers. 


Arguably the most romantic city on earth, Venice is a prime bucket-list destination for many high-school sweethearts as it is a honeymooner’s haven. This magical river-city has endured everything from road rage to rising water levels for years.

Both natural and man-made factors contribute to this tragedy which currently accounts for flooding several times a year. At the moment, Venice is a toy-box of treasures, so hop on a gondola and check out Museo Correr, Venetian Ghetto, Lido di Venezia, and Rialto Market.

The Maldives

Nothing on Earth epitomises paradise in the same way as this dazzling chain of islands. The sensuous rainforest meets a compliment of sand and a calm ocean breeze that’ll whisk you away to another realm.

Scour the internet yourself for an unappealing photograph–there are simply none in existence. Unfortunately, this archipelagic phenomenon is expected to be completely submerged in less than a century. Your time to explore this wonder is now!

The Sundarbans

For another of UNESCO’s favourite, give yourself the green light to visit the Sundarbans. It is well worth the consideration. Sea levels in the area are rising at a tremendous rate due to pollution and deforestation.

On the flip side, visiting the Sundarbans while you still have the opportunity will reward you with an unforgettable journey through the largest mangrove forest on Earth, especially as this is home to a number of endangered species. 

The Congo Basin

As the second largest rainforest in the world, Africa’s Congo Basin promises allure and intrigue as soon as you step out of the car. Unfortunately, this dense blanket of greenery is stuck on the same roundabout as many of the other endangered rainforests around the world.

In fact, the United Nations estimates that the extinction of more than half of the Congo Basin is just around the corner. Wing it while you can and observe more than 1,000 bird species, not to mention 10,000 varieties of plants and 400 remaining species of mammal, which are under threat.

The ship has already sailed for some of the world’s true gems, they are either too dangerous to get near at present, or have already been wiped from the face of the Earth. However, don’t allow the threat of global warming to take the wind out of your sails just yet. Thousands of unspoiled remnants of heaven remain and are still safe to visit.

How long they will be here for is largely unknown but many environmental NGOs are making waves across the globe. With any luck and plenty of volunteers, perhaps we will stem the tide of this very choppy situation together. We are delighted to do our bit at Lifestyle Collective and are honoured to share our thoughts with you.