By Angie House

Summer is upon us and peak pedicure season is in full swing, but sometimes our perfectly painted tootsies need a proper vacation from sandals. Whether you want to mix up your style completely or exchange your strappies for some comfy arch support, rest assured, sneakers are no longer reserved solely for the gym.  

However, you don’t want to throw on just any old dingy pair of run-down trainers from your mum’s garage and ruin your favourite outfit.

Whether you want a cool high-tech design to parade at your favourite music festival or a soft-touch of feminine florals to flaunt for your next Instagram photo shoot, your new kicks should not only feel cosy and comfy but also look amazing. 

Foot Patrol

Beyond fashion and functionality, the style of sneakers you wear also signifies the type of person you are or may aspire to be. Naledi Radebi, a pop-culture personality expresses a similar sentiment: “They’re a representation of the energy and vibe you as an individual want to emit to the world.” 

The year is trending with mixed era combinations, pulling inspiration from both the ‘80s and ’90s. We are seeing a lot of chunky styles, bold colours, assorted textures, and soft floral flats. Classic plain white sneakers may not be going out of style, but for the moment they are taking a back seat. 

Someone Else’s Shoes

Go big or go home,” is still on trend for going the distance with sneakers in 2019. We are officially taking a stand and putting to rest one of the ‘90s vibe trends brought to life by the likes of Kim and Kanye West–ugly dad sneakers—this trend has clung to the sneaker scene since  2017.

Let’s push the unapologetic Al Bundy-style dad sneakers to the back of the closet and give that #dadshoes hashtag a little break from the summer heat. You’re only allowed to pull these grubbies out for lawn mowing sessions.

If The Shoe Fits

So, for all you sneakerheads out there, we have the latest sneaker trends for 2019 that are sure to keep you looking fresh–whether you’re taking a stroll with your dog, running errands, or zooming around on your bicycle, one of these fun footwear options are sure to blaze your trail. 

They are great for everyday wear and all about just being yourself, regardless of your preferred level of spice. Posh, Scary, Baby, Sporty, and Ginger Spice are some of the most recognisable names in ‘90s British pop culture for a reason. Each one of these empowered women had her own unique voice and style persona that made it easy to identify with one of them.

Which sneaker style will spice up your shoe closet? 

Ginger Spice

If you identify with this fiery, liberated woman, you’re channelling your inner ‘80s city slicker rebel. Think Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan, cropped tops and high-waisted mom jeans to match your strong-sexy persona.

You would most likely be sporting a pair of ankle hugging high-tops or a pair of textured wedge sneakers with buckles and embellishments. With either style, attitude is written all over you and that most definitely includes your choice of kicks. 

Sporty Spice

You’re the girl next door who loves a mix of athletic and playful. You’re always up for a challenge, motorcycle cruise, or getting your hands dirty. With an inner tomboy that embodies Jessica Biel from the A-Team, you’re the first one your gal pals call when an unwanted spider encroaches. 

You’re most likely going to be representing the 2019 sneaker trend of sleek, form-fitting, laceless runners. You’re after comfort, yet enjoy the added features of mesh or translucent designs. 

Baby Spice

You’re innocent, wide-eyed, sweet, and girlie. Think Zoe Deschanel from New Girl. You’re cute, fun, and seen as a little sister to everyone. You are usually found wearing soft colours with lots of laces and dainty frills. 

The sneaker styles you’re crushing on are no exception, the neutral trends of rose gold, cream, and blush, with some fun metallics and bold mono-tones tossed in. 

Posh Spice

Think Reece Witherspoon in Legally Blonde, you’re stylish, ultra-fashionable, and possibly a beauty or fashion blogger. You live for the glitz and glamour that highlights your sophisticated style. You are a planner, Type A, avid brunch connoisseur, and there’s not an Instagram filter you can’t tackle. You wouldn’t be caught in public without mascara, lip balm, earrings, or a great pair of shoes. 

Your favourite on-trend sneakers are ultra-feminine with a themed design or floral print. Anything girly and good for IG photo shoots, whether that means chasing waterfalls in Bali or having a picnic in Paris. 

Scary Spice

Our favourite rave girl, you are wild, loud, the life of the party, and always up for a good time. You don’t mix well with libraries or quiet coffee shops as whispering does not lend itself to your unfiltered vocabulary. 

Your colourful personality shines through in the sneaker trend you gravitate towards as well–bold, tie-dyed, with mismatching colours. These rich palettes and bright neon colours are reminiscent of Punky Brewster. 

Sneakers cater to many styles and budgets, they are a popular choice of the footwear of choice for people across the globe, withstanding the bounds of age, gender, or socioeconomic status.

No matter your chosen sneaker personality, the 2019 trends stand to unite the trend-inspired population with a flare of spice.