Only in Japan would you get carefully customised mini furniture just for your feline. And we are not talking about the usual kitsch cat towers and garishly coloured cat furniture that we are all familiar with.

Instead, these beautifully crafted artisanal pieces are mini-versions of human furniture, and are stylish enough to look fab in just about any home.

Cat furniture is gaining traction all around the world. From the IKEA pet series to homemade cat beds, cats are having a more comfortable, not to mention stylish sitting and sleeping furniture than ever before. But Japanese design company Okawa Kagu took this trend to the next level.

Their “craftsman MADE” campaign supports craftsman especially in Fukuoka prefecture in Japan, by making hand-made artisanal products more widespread and popular. And this trend has also been applied to cat furniture – obviously.

So if you love your moggy to bits, why not show them how much, by getting them a new set of stylish furniture they can tell all their friends about.