As the Cherry Blossom season approaches, Walk Japan has launched some several walking tours for holidaymakers, allowing them to get up close and personal with these stunning blooms.

Hanami also known as the cherry blossom festival, is an annual Spring celebration to appreciate the temporal beauty of nature. During this period, people gather under blooming cherry blossoms for food, drink, songs, companionship and to enjoy the fleeting the beauty of the sakura.

Kunisaki And Yufuin Tour

This year, the Cherry Blossoms are anticipated to be in full bloom in Kyushu from early April. Designed for travellers seeking  gentler and shorter hikes, the Kunisaki and Yufuin Walk showcases the Japanese culture of past and present by walking along the paths monks once took over 1200 years ago, with unforgettable spring blossom scenes along the way. With its serene rural surroundings, travellers can enjoy Japanese cooking at its best followed by a luxuriating soak in some of the most stunning onsens in Japan, a relaxing way to end a long day of exploration.

Tour Dates: 1st – 5th April 2019. Price: JPY 228,000 (JPY = Japanese Yen) per person

Nakasendo Way Tour

Walk Japan’s pioneering tour, the Nakasendo Way explores one of Japan’s ancient highways, the Nakasendo, which translates to ‘the road through the mountains‘. The tour takes travellers up the bloom filled Magome Pass leading to the heart of Nakasendo – the Kiso Valley where travellers will be able to witness the country’s natural beauty. In early to mid-April, during the peak of the Cherry Blossom season, the Kiso Valley shows off its vast array of cherry blossom trees of all different varieties and colours. The Nakasendo Way brings customers out of the fast-paced city life and into the heart of old Japan.

Tour Dates: 8th – 18th, 10th – 20th, 11th – 21st April 2019. Price: JPY 498,000 (JPY = Japanese Yen) per person

Kyoto Tour

One of the shorter guided tours in Walk Japan’s repertoire, the two-day guided Kyoto Tour is the quintessential walking tour for guests who prefer a more succinct introduction to Japan’s vibrant culture and history. With the cherry blossoms in bloom in late April, guests can bask in the ephemeral beauty of Japan’s iconic flowers, while also exploring in depth some famous and some less well-known areas that were instrumental in making Kyoto the cultural capital of Japan.

Tour Dates: 25th – 26th, 26th – 27th, 30th – 31st April 2019. Price: JPY 46,000 (JPY = Japanese Yen) per person