By Joyell Nevins

The Fashion Weeks have hit: from New York to Paris to Milan, designers are introducing their fall and winter couture fashions. Although each designer has his or her own taste, there are some trends across the aisle for which you should be on the lookout.

A Pop Of Color

Neutral colours are the backbone of the 2019 collections, with foundations of black, white, and tan. But the fashion industry has never been satisfied with blending in, so these looks are accompanied by splashes of some of our favourite primary colours.

Red – bright and crimson – is showing up across the world. Moroccan Karim Adduchi stole the Paris show with his red silk scarf dress, and French company Chanel boasted sweaters with its logo adorning red knit. Other designers such as New York’s Victoria Hayes and Madrid’s Alejandra Alonso Rojas emblazoned their clothes in eye-catching red as well.

Victoria Hayes

The rouge is accompanied by a gold-style marigold yellow–what Stylecaster calls “2019’s favorite colour.” From the top to bottom of your wardrobe, this happy colour is incorporated into dresses, shoes, and even jewelry. Both the red and yellow command attention and make a statement with style. 

Coming in a solid third–but still making a statement–is futuristic silver. From streetwear straight out of space to dramatic details and hair colouring, the shiny hue is making waves in designer fashion.

Tie-Dye Goes From Grungy to Classy

These colours are merging together in one of 2019’s fashion trends: tie-dye. Forget the buckets of water and dye in the backyard – these ‘tie-dyed’ clothes are using subtler ways to fade shades in and out. The result is more of a print in itself than a simple fusion of colour.

Tie-dye is showing up in pieces scattered throughout your closet: puffy jackets, jumpsuits, trousers, and handbags have all gotten the psychedelic treatment this year. 

It’s All In The Details

Although much of 2019’s fashion is sleek and slim, with flowing fabrics and clean lines, designers are showing their flair in the details.

Remember the leather jacket that used to boast that super-cool ‘80s fringe? It’s back–but not just on leather jackets. Fringe is adorning long dresses, blouses, crop tops, and handbags in just as many fabrics. The only requisite is that the tails be long and swing freely.

Ruffles are a trademark of the latest fashion trends, too. Vogue calls the fluffy trimming a way to “make an entrance without showing too much skin.” Ruffles help the wearer to feel more feminine, and just like the favourite fall colours, produce an eye-catching statement. Pair the extra frill with a more sturdy material or neutral colour if you’re looking to achieve the same result without the eye-popping effect. 

Image: courtesy of

Other details that are showing up on the latest fashion are sequins, three-dimensional buttons, and encrusted flowers. And for the really bold, designers like Whistles, Jenny Packham, and Zara are going with their faux fur jackets and wide collars.

These Boots Are Made For Walkin’

Knee-length or ankle-skimming, boots are the fashion footwear of 2019. Runway models were strutting in high heeled stiletto boots, while many celebs and models are sporting chunkier heels in their dressed-down days.

The ankle boot is a popular choice for spring, pairing just as well with sundresses as it does with jeans. Booties are being seen on bare legs and paired with colourful tights. Styles are wide-ranging, from vibrant yellow (remember the marigold?) to sleek black, and even have some snakeskin and pleather thrown into the material mix. Italian designer L’Autre Chose’s most popular spring boot shows a little peep-toe resting on a little skinny heel. 

So which trend catches your eye? Be a street-supermodel in your own neighbourhood by incorporating some of these colours and details into your wardrobe. And don’t forget that iconic boot footwear to add a little extra kick.