I love travelling but I absolutely dread how it takes a toll on my skin. It’s almost as though my skin decides to give up on me the moment I step into an aircraft! Just recently, I had to attend a good friend’s wedding in Spain, which meant that I needed to give my skin the extra boost of TLC to look presentable on her big day.

I am quite picky with the kind of products I bring along with me whenever I travel because of my combination skin. On top of that, I am also mindful of how heavy skin care products can get with the limited luggage space. Some of these products are more travel friendly than others for sure, but overall they did a great job in helping to keep my skin in check and glowing on the bride’s big day! 

Here are my beauty must-haves that I just can’t leave home without. So much so that I lugged them all with me to Spain:

1) EHA Sun Shield 24Hr

EHA Sunshield24hr
This sunscreen is non greasy and lightly tinted so my skin is not just protected, its also perfected!

When it comes to travelling for a holiday, chances are I’d more likely be outdoors, elbowing my way with hoards of tourist under the unforgiving sun, which is why, for this trip, I wanted a sunblock with a stronger SPF and one that didn’t need to be reapplied (cos apparently you need to reapply every two-four hours as the efficacy of the sunscreen halves…who knew right?). When I was told that this sunblock needed no reapplication, I was a bit skeptical, but the EHA Sun Shield 24Hr comes with SPF 100 so trust me when I say that a little goes a long way (you just need to pat on one pea-sized drop all over your face).

While this sunblock has a slightly thicker consistency that what I’m typically used to, its SPF 100 level and no-reapplication more than makes up for it. The EHA Sun Shield 24Hr is small enough to slip into my purse, but powerful enough to last for 24 hours!

2) Lierac Double Toning Gel Lotion

Lierac group shot
Lierac products smell and feel so divine on the skin

The Lierac Double Toning Gel Lotion cleanses your skin while refining your pores, which is super handy when you are travelling and cant afford to half fill your luggage with beauty products. This product is non-rinse and should be applied with a cotton pad. For a toner, I found the gel-ish consistency a little too thick than what I am normally used to and while it wasn’t the easiest to apply and it left my face feeling a tad dry (perhaps due to it’s tightening effect?) it did do a great job of keeping my skin clean and breakout free.

3) Lierac Double Cleansing Micellar Milk

Lierac duo.jpg
This was so gentle and yet effective and didn’t leave my skin feeling tight

The  Lierac Double Cleansing Micellar Milk is from the same line as the Double Toning Gel Lotion Toner. They both contain a few similar ingredients including the dual cleansing action ionic cleansing formula and are both suitable for all skin types and is used to remove makeup, impurities, and excess sebum.

This cleanser comes with a pump, which I appreciate. The milk-based formula was smooth, very easy to lather, and gentle enough to be used on the eye area. While it did a commendable job of removing my makeup, I still prefer to use a makeup remover beforehand just to be a little more thorough. Overall, my face felt cleansed and hydrated thanks to the added vegetable glycerin that gives it that extra moisturizing factor. Which is great because I hate the tightness that comes with some other facial cleansers. 

4) Jyunka Extreme Hydrant Serum

Jyunka serum
A true dry skin lifesaver!

I have combination skin and my skin gets really dry whenever I travel and this product was a huge lifesaver. Just two small pumps of the Jyunka Extreme Hydrant Serum is enough for one application. It got absorbed into my skin really quickly, and has just a slight sticky consistency. My skin felt refreshed and softer immediately after use. I applied the serum twice a day as instructed, and it gave my skin that added elasticity, keeping it plump and hydrated throughout my trip. This product is also scentless, for those who prefer their products without any perfume.

5) BellaWave Hydra Soothe Perfection Mask 

A definite travel must-have and a great way to unwind after a day of sightseeing and shopping

I believe there is nothing better than to finish off the day of travelling with a facial mask in your hotel room. Overall, I found the BellaWave Hydra Soothe Perfection Masks so helpful during my holiday. I used it once every few days across my two-week long trip and it kept any dryness or flakiness at bay.

You can just tell how much essence is contained in one sheet just through it’s weight. A single sheet pack is around 50 grams, most of it from the liquid goodness it’s soaked in. This is an intense hydrating mask and pretty heavy duty, probably not for daily use. The only downside is the fit, as the sheet didn’t cling to my face as well as I would have liked but apart from that, it delivered on its promise and my skin felt softer, soother and moisturised.

6) BellaWave GF+ Revival Ampoule

Just the boost you need before a big date

BellaWave GF+ Revival Ampoule is packed with 100% Pure Stem Cells that promises to rejuvenate and repair cellular cells. There are more apparently than 1 million stem cells contained in just 10gm! I found that a single ampule contained quite a lot of product, enough to use on my face and neck with still plenty of leftover (I therefore kindly shared it with my partner). I like that it was fast absorbing and gentle on my skin. My fine lines looked less visible and my skin looked healthy and bright the next day. I would recommend this before an important event or date or whenever your skin needs some extra TLC. 

While I consider myself to be an easy going and relatively low maintenance sort of person when it comes to my beauty regime, I don’t want to end up spending my vacation worrying about my skin, which is why, even I do have certain travel essentials that I don’t leave home without. These products work great for me and I do hope that they will also be good for you. Happy travels everyone!