People love to party at home and abroad. Whether it’s with friends or strangers, nothing is more thrilling than knowing you’ve partied at one of the best destinations on the planet. So what separates a good party spot from a bad one?

Some may say location, others may say cost; while others still are just looking for a young and vibrant crowd. Here, in no particular order, are seven of the best party spots in the world, according to me. 

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Want to party non-stop for 24-hours? Look no further than Amsterdam—the Venice of the North. For dancing, try Rembrandtplein Square. Named after the famous painter, this square—once a butter and dairy market—is now a central nightlife area in a city full of bars, clubs, and cafes. 

One club that stands out in particular is Bourbon Street, which has excellent live music and a great party atmosphere. Walking around the city, you’ll also notice that it’s legal to have liquor outside of drinking establishments, which often stay busy until as late as 6:00 a.m. Outside, you’ll find people partying on the streets, including drag queens, tourists, and easy-going locals, all indulging in all the excesses the city has to offer. 

Bourbon Street

2. New Orleans, United States

Known for its famous Mardi Gras party, a celebration of ‘sin’ before the Catholic season of Lent, New Orleans is a mecca for partying tourists wanting the best of Louisiana nightlife. In addition, the city is known as a hotspot for live jazz and blues music, capturing the soul of American music. What makes the city so lovely are its open streets, verandas, and of course, that one drink you can only get in New Orleans: the Hurricane—a rum drink available throughout the city, which you get in a to-go cup and enjoy as you tour the streets.

3. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Like New Orleans, Rio De Janeiro has a history of Catholic festivals gone wild, including the world-famous Carnivale, a religious festival that has both African and Portuguese roots. The festival attracts an estimated 2 million tourists a year, all vying for position in one of the city’s 600 parties. 

There are also a number of neighbourhoods that rank high on the fun charts, including: Avienda Ataulfo de Pavia, where you’ll find the Jobi, a famous bar, the Deck Bar overlooking the ocean on Avienda Atlantica (entry cost $14 for men, and $8 USD for women), and the Aconchego Carioca in Rua Barao de Iguatemi with its hammocks lining the ceiling. Entry is free. 


4. Berlin, Germany

Not a lot of cities can compete with Berlin when it comes to throwing a party. In fact, the city, which was once divided East to West, has a culture of partying that rivals none other than Ibiza (see below). Indeed, for only €10 to €15 euros one can see some of the best DJs in the world. Berlin is especially known for its Techno and Deephouse scene and has myriad of both indoor and outdoor venues, many of which are old factories and warehouses. In addition, the Berlin scene is gay friendly. 

5. Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv’s nightlife scene is one of the best in the world—and could arguably be called the best in the Middle East. From chilled atmospheres for more laid back types to techno parties and hardcore, this city, known as the second city in all of Israel, has a scene for every taste. Some famous bars are Yavne, Sputnik, The Space, and The Block, and most bars are open until 1:00 a.m. Tel Aviv is also great for its liberal attitude, which is reflective of its large gay community. In addition, the city has Asia’s largest Gay Pride parade, and held Israel’s first sex festival in 2008. It is also friendly for all ages—young and old.

The Block
Image courtesy: EDMTunes 

6. Koh Phangan, Thailand

A tropical Thailand island, Koh Phangan is home to the famous full moon party, which happens once a month—during the full moon, of course. According to the official website, around 10,000 to 30,000 people show up each month. Accommodating to lovers of pop, techno, hardcore music, and R&B, this party boasts a number of DJs that line up across Hat Rin Beach. The party usually costs ฿100 Thai Baht (about $3 USD) and lasts until well after sunrise. Drink and food vendors also line the beach, as well as late night revelers catching a few early morning winks before catching the ferry home. 

Full Moon party Thailand

7. Ibiza, Spain

Also known as the “World’s Party Capital,” Ibiza’s parties usually don’t stop until 6:00 a.m., but most clubs stay open as late as 8:00 a.m. If you want to see some of the best DJs in the world, then Ibiza’s summer parties are the spot. Some of the top DJs spinning for the crowds on the ‘White Isle’ include David Guetta, Sven Vath, and Armin Van Buuren. About 7 million tourists come to the island every year for the festivities. A bit on the pricier side, some of the top clubs have entry fees of about €70 euros, with drinks starting at €15 euros. 

Armin Van Buuren
Image courtesy: Trance Hub