Sothys’ Hydra3HA is possibly one of their most loved range out of all their skincare products. This is possibly because the Hydra3HA range works on just about everyone, keeping thirsty skin happy and quenched. Instead of resting on their laurels however, Sothys decided to improve an already amazing product and Lifestyle Collective were there for the launch of the new and improved Hydra3HA!

We all know that hydration is key when it comes to skin radiance, elasticity, youthful appearance and overall comfort. Sothys’ new three dimensional approach to hydration provides moisture that starts from deep within the skin cells at the gene level, all the way to the surface moisture barrier. It’s an all-encompassing and lasting solution for effective long term skin hydration.


SOTHYS’ Hydra3Ha™ enhances the function of the key players in skin hydration, the NMF (Natural Moisturising Factor) and HA (hyaluronic acid). While NMF works to retain half the water present on the skin’s surface, HA plays an essential role within the epidermal structure by retaining water. Hydra3Ha™ works by limiting water loss, enhancing the water locking properties on the surface of the skin and improving the water flow between cells.

The SOTHYS’ Hydra3Ha™ range consists of the following products:


Hydrating Youth Cream / Comfort Youth Cream (50ml) – NEW $168

This comes in two formulations. The Hydrating Youth Comfort cream has a more balmy texture and is suitable for normal to dry skin, while the Hydrating Youth Cream is more suitable for combination skin with its light melting emulsion texture. Both help formulations work to restore, plump and reactivate thirsty skin, keeping it hydrated – all day, every day.

Hydra-Smoothing Mask (50ml) – NEW Retail Price: $113

The mask works to restore, plump and reactivate the skin from within, making it the perfect solution for dry and dehydrated skin. The new Hydra-plumping complex (HMW hyaluronic acid and NMF) boosts the retention of water on the surface of the skin, for  an immediate plumping effect.

Intensive Hydrating Serum (50ml) $185

This intensive serum works to reactivate and regenerate the skin for lasting hydration and is perfect for those with dry to very dehydrated skin, which would explain why it was voted one of the favourite products under the range by the Water Polo players.

“My favourite product from the range is the serum. On top of being hydrating, its smell of freshness after I apply it is truly refreshing and keeps me motivated to stick to the regime” – Yip Yang, Ex-National Men’s Water Polo Player.

The Hydra3Ha Hydrating Serum is my favourite product from the whole range! Normally when I don’t get enough sleep, my pores look much larger the next day (I don’t know why!). But since using the serum daily, my skin looks so much better, even with less sleep” – Dr. Samuel Loh, 29 years. Ex-National Men’s Water Polo Player and 2009 Laos SEA Games- Gold medalist.

To celebrate the new improved formula of their cult product range, Sothys Singapore decided to sponsor the whole team from AEGIR Water Polo Club, including the coaches and a group of selected players from Pacer Water Polo Club. Because the boys’ skin was constantly besieged by both the glaring sun and chlorinated water, their skin was parched and damaged and were the perfect candidates to help launch the new improved range!

Singapore’s Ex-National Water Polo Players at the Sothys HYDRA3Ha.™ media launch, with Yip Yang on the extreme Right and Samuel Loh beside him

According to 27 year old Yip Yang, 2015 and 2017 SEA Games Gold medalist “to be honest, until Sothys, there really wasn’t much of a skincare routine I stuck to. Mostly, it just included huge doses of chlorine water from the swimming pool but after starting on Sothys products my skin has lost the ‘dry’ quality that is usually found among water polo players.” 

According to Irene Lim, The Head of Marketing and Business Development of Sothys Singapore who came up with this unique concept; “constant exposure to chlorine can be damaging to the skin and increases the likelihood of skin allergies. Healthy skin is covered in a very thin, slightly acidic film called the “acid mantle” that is secreted from the skin’s sebaceous  glands. The pH of bacteria, viruses, and other chemicals are primarily alkaline in nature, so the acid mantle acts as both a physical and chemical barrier against bacteria, viruses, and other potential contaminants from penetrating the skin. We felt that by using a hydrating skincare product on their skin before swimming, it would provide their skin with an extra layer of protection“. Something that Samuel Loh, one of the young water polo players who shared their personal experience with us at the launch.

I used to have really dry skin (due to constant swimming) and now it’s more moisturised, supple and smooth” – Dr. Samuel Loh, 29 years, Ex-National Men’s Water Polo Player and 2009 Laos SEA Games – Gold medalist.

Having met four of the young waterpolo lads during the launch, I couldn’t help but be impressed by both their healthy glowing skin (even though it had been less than a week since their new skin care regimen) and their lovely manners and genuine enthusiasm for the new improved skincare range – which now has us wanting to try it out too!

The new SOTHYS Hydra 3Ha™ will be available exclusively at all SOTHYS Premium Salons and Salon outlets nationwide from June 1st 2018 onwards.

In keeping with the hydration theme, guests were served a delicious custom-made beverage and popsicle

Hydratini 2Hydratini in glass