We were recently introduced to Jeanie Botanicals, a lovely indie brand carrying certified organic skincare products. For all you organic lovers out there, something important to bear in mind is that, just because the label states that it is organic (this holds true for both skincare and food items) it does not always mean that it is. Despite being labelled as ‘natural’ or ‘organic’, most popular brands out there still contain synthetic chemicals and preservatives that can cause skin irritation.

Jeanie Botanicals was born when the founder’s son developed an allergy to the ‘natural’ mozzie repellent she was using on him. This motivated Jeanie to create her own line of honest and simple skincare that used purely organic ingredients and nothing else. Just pure skincare that delights the skin, body and soul. What more could you ask for?

We personally gave a few of the items a test drive and here’s our verdict.

Divine Floral Body Oil $26

divinefloralbodyoil.jpgI am a huge fan of face and body oils, but unfortunately not all oils are as nourishing as they claim to be. The Divine Floral Body Oil however, absorbs immediately, doesn’t leave behind a greasy film on the skin and has a very subtle, floral scent, and keeps my skin deeply moisturised and nourished. Its so lightweight, I even use it during the day.

This nourishing and hydrating body oil with sweet almond, rice bran and jojoba oil base is infused with organically grown rose, yarrow, calendula, chamomile and rose-hip and antioxidant-rich organic pomegranate seed extract and nothing else. Just pure botanical goodness for your skin!

Tinted Lip Butter (rose/vanilla/mint) $8


This silky and beautifully scented balm glides on the lips leaving them feeling plumped and moisturised and not too shiny like a disco ball. Made with cocoa butter and avocado oil, it is naturally tinted with wild-crafted alkanet root for a barely-there hint of colour, which works great for every day use under my matte liquid lipstick or just by itself. Scented with a blend of pure rose damascena oil and vanilla extract with a hint of mint, its a pleasure to use and is small and handy enough to pop into even the tiniest clutch.

Milk, Honey, Oats Soap Bar (lemongrass/lime/peppermint) $9.00

milk HoneyOatSoapBarThis rich, ultra-mild and deeply moisturising soap bar formulated with goats milk and 30% raw shea butter can be used on both the face and body, and is especially beneficial for those with dry, irritated and inflamed skin.

This moisturising soap with avocado oil – which is aged for at least 40 days – also includes organic oatmeal that gently exfoliates and soothes itchiness, and organic wildflower honey that adds moisture to the skin while it cleans. Honey is known for its anti-bacterial properties and acts as a natural humectant for glowing skin.

100% Olive Pure Castile Liquid Soap (eucalyptus) $24.00 / 500 ml

castille liquid soapTheir original old fashioned recipe is formulated with a high olive oil content that produces a very mild soap with a creamy lather, suitable for all ages and skin types

Made with additional glycerin that leaves skin moisturised, smooth and healthy, it can be used on both the face and body.

Completely biodegradable with no synthetic foaming agents, thickeners or preservatives, this is great for those of you with sensitive or eczema prone skin, or just want to be more eco-friendly in your day-to-day life.

I personally use Castile soap on a daily basis as a hand wash in both my kitchen and bathroom, as I find it to be gentle enough on my skin, no matter how often I wash my hands. This is important since I have eczema on my hands which gets triggered if I use anything too harsh.

Its rare to find a brand that puts so much effort into creating a good product. I love the fact that they openly state their commitment to using only 100% pure and natural ingredients that they would use personally on themselves. Their belief that skincare should be a joy to use without compromising on quality or its effectiveness is what makes this brand so special. To find out more about these lovely products or to grab some for yourself, visit Jeanie Botanicals here.

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Main image credit: YVCollections.com

Product image credit: Jeanie Botanicals