Our body is made up of 70% water, so keeping ourselves hydrated is not just common sense, it is also crucial. Unfortunately, way too often, we forget to drink even half the amount of water a day that we should, and the effects of this negligence show up on our skin.

Dehydrated skin tends to be tight, lack elasticity, with a rough texture and fine lines. If not taken care, dehydrated skin will eventually lead to premature dry skin, pigmentation and yes, ageing. No matter what your skin type, anyone can experience dehydrated skin at some point in their lives, due to external or internal aggressors and lifestyle choices.

Sothys preimum salon boat quay - treatment room

Sothys preimum salon boat quay - room
The treatment rooms are both spacious and clean

Sothys Premium Salon Boat Quay is nestled within one of the quaint shophouses lining the Boat Quay area, just a 10-minute walk from Raffles MRT Station.

Sothys preimum salon boat quay - with Clara
Kristen is here with Clara, the co-owner and only Golden Badge Certified Facialist in Singapore

Co-owner and the only Sothys Singapore Golden Badge Certified Facialist Clara has magic hands. The Hydra 3Ha Facial Treatment I tried at the salon was hands down the best facial that I have ever experienced in my almost 20-year career as a beauty editor and writer. Don’t let her tiny doll-like stature fool you, she is very strong and skilled and left my skin looking plumped with moisture and my shoulders and neck feeling more loose and pain-free than they have done in a very long time.

The day of my facial treatment coincided with my birthday and the Sothys Singapore team, (a shout out to Jessica and Irene) together with Clara and the co-owner of the salon Ray, threw a surprise birthday party for me, which I thought was truly the most thoughtful gesture! So not only did I get to experience the most pampering treatment ever, I also got to stuff my face with cake, my most favourite food in the whole world!

My birthday
Passion Fruit Meringue Cake and a Sothys facial treatment. Could a girl ask for more?

Unlike most salons, the Sothys protocol ensures that the facialist stays and massages you throughout the entire treatment. So even while the mask was on, Clara kneaded my shoulders and my neck, ensuring that I was never alone, wondering if I had been forgotten (yes these thoughts actually do cross my mind when I am left to my own devices in a dark room with a mask covering my eyes).

Sothys preimum salon boat quay - products
Here’s a bit of trivia – Sothys Salons use salon-specific Sothys products that cannot be bought for home use. These were the products that were used for my treatment. Each step was packed individually to ensure that only the exact amount of product is used to ensure efficacy each time.

The treatment starts with a very thorough but gentle exfoliation using Enzymatic Exfoliating Gel to remove impurities and dead skin cells.

Sothys preimum salon boat quay - foot wash
The first step was a cooling foot bath with scented salts, that left my tired footsies most pleased
Sothys preimum salon boat quay - Sothys Ha3 facial
Clara used a warm towel to apply pressure to certain parts of the face, which was most relaxing

To rehydrate the skin after exfoliation, a Restructuring Serum (a melting-wax) nourishes the 
skin with ceramides and omega oils.

An Intense Hydration Gel Mask is used to envelop the skin with Hyaluronic Acid to quench parched and thirsty skin. 
Clara performed a deep soothing massage to rehydrate the skin from outside-in.

A Modelling 
Mask enriched with the goodness of patented 1055 Boletus Extract and Hyaluronic Acid,  is applied to the skin to restore the skin barrier. Clara used her magical hands to further 
heighten the experience with a relaxing yet firm massage. 
A Peel-off Plumping Mask enriched with Argan Oil was then applied to leave the skin looking and feeling supple, 
radiant and regenerated.

Sothys Premium salon
I usually feel a bit worried at this point, but Clara didn’t leave my side, so any feelings of paranoia and claustrophobia were kept at bay 🙂

The final step was a dose of hyaluronic acid from an injection-like Smoothing Serum that gave my tired and dehydrated skin a moisture boost. Finally, after all that pampering, Clara applied some Hydra3HaTM Intensive Serum and Hydra3HaTM Cream followed by Sothys sunscreen to keep my newly plumped and reborn skin protected from the harsh rays of the sun.

This 75-minute treatment was absolutely blissful and the best part was the fact that it didn’t cause my skin to break out in a rash or pimples. Instead, my skin continued to look plumped and youthful the whole day and even the next – and I didn’t leave the salon looking like a little grease-ball either, which was nice.

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