The Body Shop is set to launch several exciting new products this summer, including five Body Yogurts, four facial mists and an addition to their ever popular Vitamin E range.

The Body Yogurt ($20) 

The body yogurt range is set to be a hot favourite this summer and I am expecting it to do very well here in hot and humid Singapore. The texture is much lighter than their body butter range. This gel-cream formula is easily absorbed within 15 seconds to deeply moisturise the skin for 48 hours. I use the refreshing gel-cream on my damp skin straight out of the shower, and it absorbed straightaway. I like the feeling of having a dry invisible shield on my skin.

The range is available in 5 scents; Moringa, British Rose, Mango, Strawberry and Almond Milk. I am quite lazy when it comes to moisturising, but when I do use one, I would usually pick one with a lighter scent like British Rose, Mango and Almond Milk so it wouldn’t clash with my perfume. Having said that, the Moringa and Strawberry versions smell so good, they are good to use on their own.

If you have really dry skin and are in an air-conditioned environment 24/7, then maybe The Body Shop Body Butter would be a better bet, but for the rest of us, a lightweight and non-greasy gel-cream is a godsend in this weather. Did I mention that it’s 100% vegan and formulated with community trade ingredients? The formula also contains no mineral oil or paraffin.

Facial Mist ($12)

The all-in-one face mist range is available in four formulas. The Rose version gives a dewy finish. The mint one mattifies so it is great post-lunch, on a hot day or on oily skin. Strawberry has a smoothing effect so you are just one spritz away from being selfie ready. The Mandarin version has a citrusy scent that promises to give you an energy boost.

I am currently using the Strawberry version on a daily basis. I use it on its own or as a primer to create a smooth canvas for my makeup. After makeup, I spritz the skin lightly again for a subtle dewy finish. Best thing is, the face mist is also makeup friendly so I can use it as and when necessary to hydrate my skin, without worrying about the makeup running.

Vitamin E Gel Moisture Cream ($30.90)

This oil-free moisturiser is a new addition to their ever popular Vitamin E range. It’s 100% vegan and infused with Raspberry extract and sustainably sourced organic Aloe Vera. The lightweight formula is hydrating and is great for normal to combination skin.

The neutral scent is light but somewhat different from the scent I usually associate with The Body Shop Vitamin E range, but it’s still really likeable.