The impact of sleep on beauty is undeniable. On the nights you get less shut-eye, you wake up looking like something the cat dragged in the next morning.

Research has shown that people who sleep more than seven hours a night appear four to five years younger than those who sleep for five hours or less – not great news to most of us who count ourselves lucky if we manage to clock in five hours of shut-eye each night.

When we sleep, we release hormones that allow our body and skin to regenerate and heal. Missing out on the magic healing hours of 11pm to 2am means that we are essentially hindering our body from repairing itself.

Because cellular renewal is twice as active at night as compared to daytime, SOTHYS is offering a solution to daily attacks of pollution and constant lack of sleep – therefore allowing the skin to correctly perform its night-time regenerative functions.


SOTHYS nO₂ctuelle™ Detox Resurfacing Overnight Cream 50ml SGD$179

This decadent balm-like night cream envelopes the skin with the soothing top notes of orange, lemon and mandarin and like all Sothys products is a pleasure on all the senses.

The cream helps revive, detoxify and smoothen skin, leaving it looking fresh and glowing upon rising, irrespective of how many hours of sleep you really clocked. With active ingredients like stabilized vitamin C to stimulate cellular activity and visibly reduce the signs of ageing – and extract of nasturtium to strengthen the cells’ ability to adapt to a lack of oxygen, and Shea Polyphenols detoxifiers and metal chelators to protect skin from the harmful effects of urban pollutants and Hydra-smoothing complex to intensely moisturize and visibly smooth out any lines or creases, this cream ensures that any signs of fatigue are smoothed out and diminished as you sleep and skin becomes more luminous and glowing.

Hydration and comfort are added benefits. This highly concentrated youth booster works deep in the skin night after night.


SOTHYS nO₂ctuelle™ Chrono-Destressing Sleeping Mask 4ml x 8  SGD$99

The stabilized vitamin C stimulates cellular activity and visibly reduces the signs of ageing while extract of nasturtium strengthens the cells’ ability to adapt to a lack of oxygen and triggers the synthesis of cytoglobins; proteins responsible for transporting oxygen to the cutaneous cells.

Chaste Tree extract stimulates cellular activity and enhances the well-being of the skin while Lindera extract helps keep the circadian rhythm in check. The next morning, skin is visibly replenished, revived and rested. The mask should ideally be used one to two times per week in place of your regular night cream.

SOTHYS nO₂ctuelle™ Chrono-Destressing Sleeping Mask 4ml x 8 – SGD$99

Limited Edition nO₂ctuelle™ Pillow Mist 15ml $69

The soothing fragrance of mandarin essential oil promotes a feeling of well-being for a night of restful sleep and sweet dreams. Spritz in the air 15 minutes before going to bed or on your pillow and bedding, for a delicately scented and soothing slumber.

nO₂ctuelle™ pillow spray
The new improved formula of SOTHYS nO₂ctuelle™ range will be available exclusively at all SOTHYS PREMIUM SALONS AND SOTHYS outlets nationwide from 1st April 2018.