No formal dressing is considered complete without the perfect scent. It enhances your appearance and adds to your presence as you walk into a room and make people take notice of you.

But you’ve got to get it right: A perfume too strong and it might end up giving people in your immediate vicinity a headache. Too light and there is really no use of putting it on in the first place. The first prerogative of a scent of course, is that it should be to your own liking and reflect your personal taste.

Continuing our list of the best new men’s fragrances in 2018 (so far!)…


The founders of Le Labo, describe Bergamote 22 as “Your white T-shirt. You always look good in one and it’s not a hassle to wear.” Its original code name, “Fire Cologne”, illustrates its spirited qualities – a delicate floral character of petit grain sharpened by the bitterness of grapefruit. The scent is a dazzling elixir of freshness, sweetness and sensuality with an unstoppable acrobatic energy.


After originally striding onto the market in 1916 with their original Colonia, Acqua di Parma have perfected a new set of classics with their Blu Mediterraneo range. Reminiscent of a sun-drenched stroll through the almond groves of Sicily, this fresh, green, citrus-laden scent is just the thing to evoke that holiday feeling. A true holiday scent.


Packed with joyful notes of lime, lemon, mandarin and ultra-fresh sea spray, backed up by armfuls of delicate white flowers, this classic Clinique fragrance has been praised for its fresh, summery scent, making way for its chirpy name. With a woody base for structure, a pleasing floral heart, and the brightest, zestiest citrus tones up top, this is highly rated as a wonderfully ‘happy’ fragrance.


For anyone in the market for a romantic partner, this oddball fragrance makes a slightly eccentric, but interesting accessory to the search. The titular molecule is used in most modern perfumes to recreate scents, but here, it’s an almost undetectable velvety, woody scent which adapts to each wearer’s unique body chemistry. For anyone interested in the science of scent and willing to be approached by strangers, it’s one to try.


Joop have ensured that this classic scent hits all the right notes with high-up bergamot and vetiver, and a deep, sweet base of cardamom and warm vanilla. Spicy and fresh all at once, it’s a confident and intoxicating fragrance. The bottle looks great, too, with its amber colour and sleek black screw top making it look rather like a sample of a posh whisky. Perhaps better suited to older gentlemen and dads, this is a popular, widely-available fragrance.