When it comes to facial cleansing, there are two types of people. Those that believe that nothing beats a good old scrub with their hands, a bar of soap or their washcloth and those that can’t live without their cleansing brush.

Unfortunately, our hands don’t give our faces the deep clean it needs and often leaves behind residue from our makeup, sunscreen and environmental pollutants. A brush, on the other hand, gives a much deeper clean, but not all brushes are made equal and the ones with bristles can scratch the surface of the skin – and if not cleaned well, can also be a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria and other not-so-fun organisms.

The ageLOC LumiSpa is a dual-action skin renewal and deep cleansing device that leaves skin smoother and softer after just one use, and delivers seven skin benefits which increase the more you use it. A first-of-its-kind system, it uses a soft silicone treatment head along with a choice of three treatment cleansers to gently and deeply cleanse away dirt, oil, makeup, pollutants and toxins.

What makes the new ageLOC LumiSpa unique is that unlike regular cleansing devices that feature abrasive brush or bristle heads, ageLOC LumiSpa features a gentle, more hygienic silicone treatment head that won’t damage or irritate the skin.

The device vibrates, alerting the user when it is time to move to another quadrant of the face and if there’s too much scrubbing or pressure on the skin. It also features a patent-pending oscillating motion of the head that stimulates the skin to purify pores, more effectively treat and cleanse the skin and deliver superior skin renewal benefits.

The ageLOC LumiSpa head moves at a precise frequency, validated through clinical studies, to promote skin renewal by removing dead skin cells and improving skin brightness and smoothness.

The ageLOC LumiSpa Starter Kit retails at S$372.00 and includes an ageLOC LumiSpa device with a silicone treatment head, a charging base, power cord, a 100ml tube of treatment cleanser, a quick start guide and user’s manual.