In Singapore and Malaysia, in order to prove you’re sick to your employer, you need a medical certificate (MC), but what if you don’t feel well enough to leave the house?

What if you can’t actually make your way to the doctor to obtain one? As medical certificates are mandatory for individuals who need to sign off work (as well as individuals wishing to claim insurance), patients are forced to get them whether they feel well enough to visit the doctor or not.

Fortunately, a new wave of “telemedicine” systems mean that individuals no longer have to physically make an appointment with their local doctor in order to apply for a medical certificate; they can do it all remotely through a speciality service such as MyDoc.

What is MyDoc?

Based in Singapore, MyDoc is a digital platform that allows patients to request and access medical information directly from their computer or mobile device. While this can help individuals who feel too ill to make the journey outside, it can also be useful when travelling, as you might not know where your nearest doctor is. MyDoc also allows patients to make insurance claims and, if necessary, employees can use the service to make employers aware of their medical problems.

With MyDoc, patients can talk to healthcare professionals, discuss their prescriptions with pharmacies and even contact laboratories about their medications. MyDoc’s mission is to simplify the steps needed when an individual becomes ill, taking all aspects of healthcare into consideration and creating one easy and effective solution.

Through this service, a healthcare professional will be able to conduct a video consultation with you, either on your computer or via your device, and medical advice can be given or a medical certificate approved.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting An MC Online?

One of the biggest benefits of getting your medical certificate online is the ease in which this can be achieved. You don’t have to leave your house in order to retrieve it, and you don’t have to wait around in a doctor’s waiting room, which will inevitably be full of other sick people. It saves both time and effort – things that can be very wearying when you’re feeling ill.

MyDoc has, on average, saved 3.2 hours per health screening and 2.6 work hours per consult based on information gathered via a survey, per patient. In fact, the average wait time to speak to a consultant on MyDoc is just 10 minutes.

Getting an MC with MyDoc is quick, easy and efficient, allowing you to concentrate on the most important thing: feeling better. On top of this, the free MyDoc app is a cashless service and is both convenient and user-friendly. All the information you need can be found in one place, and you can access it anytime from your computer, phone or tablet (both iOS and Android).

As well as facilitating obtaining a medical certificate online, MyDoc also gives its users the chance to book appointments, seek medical advice (even when abroad), refill prescriptions, check test results and more, all from the comfort of their own home.

Why Are Employers So Keen To Cut Medical Costs?

A 2017 Mercer study (titled ‘Ageing Workforce: Cost And Productivity Challenges Of Ill Health In Singapore’) revealed a S$3.3 billion loss due to “sickness absenteeism” amongst Singapore employees. After taking multiple factors into account, such as the inflation of medical costs and the average age of the workers, the research estimated that the cost of healthcare would rise to S$1,973 per year per employee by 2030. With medical costs being so high, employers will no doubt face financial issues due to a loss of productivity, both from absenteeism (being off sick from work) and presenteeism (coming to work despite being sick and not performing at the usual high standard).

Studies such as these illustrate just how important it is to start cutting down on medical costs wherever possible, and services such as MyDoc will inevitably be at the forefront of this healthcare revolution. With MyDoc, getting a medical certificate has never been easier, and with the innovative service having so many other applications and uses, patients will now be able to take charge of their own healthcare like never before.


This is a content partnership between MyDoc and Lifestyle Collective to provide high-quality health content to our readers. MyDoc is a digital health brand that makes access to quality health easier and faster. This series is focused on educating people on general health topics. The information shared has been reviewed by third-party medical professionals.