Christmas has come early for all you beauty junkies out there, because finally – yes finally – YA-MAN will be launching five of its star home-based beauty devices here in Singapore this month!

With 163 patents, including 96 domestic and 67 international patents, YA-MAN has been a pioneer and a leader in Japan’s home-use beauty devices market. The YA-MAN line of luxurious beauty and wellness devices are specially designed to bring professional aesthetic salon treatments right into the comfort and privacy of your own home.

As the sole distributor of YA-MAN in Singapore, Sprint-Cass is confident that these popular home use beauty devices will be a hit among beauty enthusiasts – and we can’t help but agree!

YA-MAN Circle Peeling Pro, S$259

Uniquely designed to achieve the deepest, yet gentlest cleanse possible, the YA-MAN Circle Peeling Pro uses advanced ultrasonic micro-vibrations in three key functions. Whirring at 90,000 times per second, the Peeling Mode gently exfoliates away dead skin cells. The Pore Mode adds ion-cleansing to gently lift dirt from deep within the pores and the Tightening Mode includes iontophoresis for electric stimulation for taut pores, healthy, and rejuvenated skin. Hello, no makeup days!

YA-MAN RF Beaute Photo-Plus, S$539

Boasting five professional grade treatments in one little device, it’s no surprise that YA-MAN RF Beaute Photo-Plus is Japan’s No. 1 device in anti-ageing. Clean, Moisture, EMS, LED, and Cool modes target specific skin concerns. YA-MAN RF Beaute Photo-Plus combines radio frequency (RF) with ion-cleansing, Iontophoresis, electrical muscle stimulation, and red LED to combat dry skin, sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles.

YA-MAN RF Beaute Cavispa Core, S$489

The RF Beaute Cavispa Core utilises high powers of 1 MHz radio frequency, and 330kHz ultrasonic cavication – the very same power used in professional salon machines for effective fat and cellulite reduction. An electrical muscle stimulation mode also comes in six strengths to tighten, slim and firm. The ergonomic and waterproof design fits perfectly in your palm and can be easily used on any part of the body.

YA-MAN Tornado RF Roller, S$489

Take your facial massage experience to the next level with the pioneer of beauty rollers, the YAMAN Tornado RF Roller. Designed to simulate an aesthetician’s ‘pinch and release’ hand massage, it comes with the added functions of radio frequency and electric muscle stimulation to enhance blood and lymph flow and cellulite reduction.

Unlike other beauty rollers in the market, the waterproof Tornado RF roller moves in an anomalistic undulation that prevents the body from getting used to the stimulation. The electric muscle stimulation comes in both a Face and Body mode and goes up to six levels for those craving a more effective and intensive massage. Check out our Tried and Tested video review.

YA-MAN Rei Beaute R Flash, S$699

With a total of 11 different intensities for both face and body, you can now enjoy the ease and convenience of IPL hair removal in the comfort of your own home, in your PJs watching Netflix. The YA-MAN Rei Beaute R Flash eradicates unwanted hair while still caring for your skin, and has been proven to increase skin resilience by 7%, and skin moisture levels by 18%.