Aris Schwabe has been working with silver for the past five years developing his craft and honing his unique style of jewellery.

Growing up in the Arizona desert, Aris has taken much of his inspiration from the folk art of the area, where Native American, Mexican and American cultures seem to mesh and culminate something that is very specific and special to the southwest.

We are fascinated by the simple yet evocative lines in these designs, almost as if each piece has its own story to tell…

SILVER N’ GOLD: Solid .925 sterling band with an 18k gold band seamlessly embedded into it.

Aris officially formed his brand in the fall of 2016 and has already been noticed by Vogue, designed and created custom pieces for numerous artists, and even done a collaboration with progressive menswear brand Rochambeau:

STAY ALIVE I. D. Bracelet

Each piece is unique, hand finished, and made in New York.

RUBY-EYED SKULL: .925 solid sterling silver ring with two rubies.