Not much bigger than an iPad Mini, the Nintendo Switch is the device that has ushered fans back to Nintendo after their lukewarm response to the Wii U.

In the wake of the Wii’s motion controllers and the Wii U’s tablet-style GamePad, the Nintendo Switch delivers a portable and home console in one that works well wherever you want to play  – on the go, or in the comfort of your home.

As a result of the Switch’s dual purpose, it comes with quite a bit of gear…

Aside from the Switch and Joy-Con L and R, you get the Switch Dock for connecting the console to a TV. There’s also a Joy-Con Grip, which slots the left and right Joy-Con into it to act as a more traditional controller.

The Switch also comes with a 6.2-inch tablet and the versatile, removable Joy-Con controllers can be used solo or split for local two-player multiplayer.

Dubbed a hybrid console, the Switch is powerful enough to run through your television and clever enough to transform into a handheld device for gaming on the go.

Play everything from The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild to Super Mario Odyssey and try not falling in love with it…