The pioneer of professional ampoules and the first creator of beauty ampoules since 1960, SOTHYS is getting back to basics with these beauty-restoring mini treatments which are ideal for both men and women who want instant, healthy and glowing skin!

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The Sothys range of ESSENTIAL AMPOULES is a highly concentrated concoction of beauty serums made to target specific skin concerns. Each vial is packed with the high dose of active ingredients to provide specific and remarkable after-facial results, no matter where you are.

These handy serums are sealed in a vacuum sterile recyclable PP vial to maintain its freshness. To use, simply apply half the contents of an ampoule in the morning and reseal the balance ampoule with its cap for your evening application. Apply to the face and neck and gently tap the excess into the skin to stimulate circulation and ensure absorption. Follow with your usual serum and moisturiser, it’s really that simple. There are four variants, each targeting specific skin concerns:

Anti-Ageing Essential Ampoules

Essential ampoule antiage

This youth intensifying ampoule is the perfect weapon for skin that is starting to display signs of ageing, like slackness and fine lines. The high concentration of Argan Tree Polyphenols and Ellagic Acid helps to stimulate collagen production and fights against free radical damage while simultaneously forming a hydrating and protective film on the skin’s surface.

Brightening Essential Ampoules

Essential ampoule luminessence

The illuminating ingredients help fix an uneven skin tone and improve skin with post acne pigmentation. The Grafted Glycolic Acid and Prickly Pear Extract helps to exfoliate dead cells and boosts cell renewal while limiting the formation of new melanin (melanin is what gives our skin, hair and eyes its colour) and the appearance of dark spots while it restores the skin’s healthy glow.

Oxygenating Essential Ampoules

Essential ampoule oxygenateThis is a must-have for skin that is prone to breakouts, is tired and dull, or suffering from broken capillaries. Key ingredients Soy and Hamamelis Extract speeds up healing and optimizes cell function, destresses skin and provides a calming and soothing effect to prevent any further aggravation.

Hydrating Essential Ampoules

Sothys essential ampoule hydrate

This thirst quencher is a must-have for dehydrated and flaky skin. The HMW Hyaluronic Acid forms a hydrating and protective film on the skin’s surface, ensuring it stays deeply hydrated with improved elasticity.

Each set of these dinky little ampoules is priced at $89 per box (1.5ml x 7), is packed with a very high concentration of active ingredients to provide you with an immediate after-facial glow. These ampoules are super handy and can be enjoyed just about anywhere. Each box contains 7-days supply and should ideally be used twice daily for a week for visible results. All you need to do is BREAK IT and DAB IT and enjoy your new fabulous glowy skin!

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Sothys Essential Ampoules are available exclusively at Sothys Premium Salon at Boat Quay. To celebrate the launch of Sothys first Premium Salon in Singapore, Sothys Premium Salon at Boat Quay is offering the following promotion on these super ampoules:

Purchase 1 box at $79 (UP $89). Two boxes at $139 (UP $178) or four boxes at $239 (UP $356)

To find out more about their new store opening promotions or to schedule, a facial appointment with Sothys Singapore’s very first Golden Badge certified facialist Clara, please call 6588 3468 or visit them at 23 Lorong Telok #01-01 Singapore 049035 (a short walk from Raffles MRT).